Strong Love

Valerie Thompson is a 19 year old girl wanting to go on an adventure in her life. Boys have come and go, close friends have moved on, and family is far away. Valerie didn't know that an adventure was coming towards her, but not in the best way. 5 amazing guys will come into the picture and change her life forever. Valerie will have to make some big decisions and have to hurt people in the process. Who will she choose?


3. Neighborhood

After the 2 hour plane ride, I was heading to get my bags since Gianna would be picking me up. Two suitcases, one carry on, and a purse was not that easy to carry when you were in a crowd of people. Once I shoved through people and made it to the exit where Gianna would be, I sighed of relief that it was over. Standing by a red mustang was Gianna in white shorts and hot pink tank with her brown wavy hair down. I dropped my bags and ran to her for a hug. "Hey Valerie! I'm so glad your finally here"! She said while hugging me. I smiled big and put my bags in her trunk. We got into the car and drove off.

"Now this neighborhood is safe right? Like there isn't any gangsters gonna kill me"? I asked suspiciously. "Yes Valerie there are thugs that walk the streets with their guns pointing at everyone around them" she said sarcastically. I rolled my eyes at her. We pulled up into a medium beach house that looked perfect. It was right by the beach, cute little shops were right around the corner, and it looked like people would just walk the boardwalk during the day. Before we opened the front door I found myself checking out cute boys walking the beach. "You coming to check out your new house" Gianna yelled from inside. I ran in and saw the walls were pure white and well everything was white. This was not going to work with me. I was going to have to buy pink, blue, purple, and bright green paints. 

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