Strong Love

Valerie Thompson is a 19 year old girl wanting to go on an adventure in her life. Boys have come and go, close friends have moved on, and family is far away. Valerie didn't know that an adventure was coming towards her, but not in the best way. 5 amazing guys will come into the picture and change her life forever. Valerie will have to make some big decisions and have to hurt people in the process. Who will she choose?


1. Moving

Living in Louisiana is pretty boring. I've always wanted to move to Hawaii or something so I can go to the beach everyday and have hot weather. I wanted to have some kind of adventure that happened in movies. My job right now is working as a waitress and I'm trying to get more money to move to Hawaii. I've gotten about 10,000 dollars in my trust fund, but I need extra money for clothes, food, and water. One day my grandma called me up and said since my birthday is coming up she would give me an extra 10,000 that she has saved up for me whenever I needed it. I totally flipped and went online looking for beach houses. I called up my friend Gianna and asked her if there was any beach houses for sale around where she lived in Honolulu. "Actually this family just put up their beach house for sale 5 minutes away from where I live" she told me. "That's great! How much  is it going for"? "10,500 dollars". Woah that's pretty cheap from what the online houses say. "I'll take it! Can you tell the family I'm interested in it"? "Of course! You have to see it though it's beautiful, but it does need repainting on some parts of the house" she said excitedly. I thought about repair money, plane tickets, and all the furniture I'm gonna have to buy. "Hey G is there any jobs needed around" I asked nervously. Obviously I was gonna need a job to pay for everything. "Um..I think there is a bakery that's needs a new baker or register person". I didn't have any baking experience, but a job is a job. "I will buy the first plane tickets to Honolulu for Saturday". "YAYY I can't wait to see you again Valerie" she yelled through the phone. I haven't seen Gianna since high school and I'm now 19 years old. "Can't wait to see you either! See you soon! Byee"! "Byee"! Time to pack my bags and get ready to move out.

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