Strong Love

Valerie Thompson is a 19 year old girl wanting to go on an adventure in her life. Boys have come and go, close friends have moved on, and family is far away. Valerie didn't know that an adventure was coming towards her, but not in the best way. 5 amazing guys will come into the picture and change her life forever. Valerie will have to make some big decisions and have to hurt people in the process. Who will she choose?


4. Meeting Harry

Once we set all the boxes down, Gianna wanted to show me around the town. Since sidewalks were everywhere we just walked our way around. She showed me the beauty shops, grocery shops, and bakeries. When we got to the boardwalk it was filled with rides, food stands, and vendors. One boy with curly hair came up to us. He was pretty hot. "So Gianna you gonna introduce me to your friend" he said while checking me out. I felt disgusted by the looks he was giving me. "Harry, this is Valerie. Valerie, this is Harry" Gianna said while rolling her eyes. "Well it's nice to meet you Valerie". I smiled weakly and shook his hand. "I better get back to bakery and make more sugar cookies" he said with a wink. I waved then turned to Gianna with a weird look on my face. "Harry Styles is the biggest flirt I've ever met. I suggest you don't get too attached to him. He gets girls from the snap of his fingers". I had to admit he was quite attractive, but he tries too hard. That's something I found weird about him.

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