Strong Love

Valerie Thompson is a 19 year old girl wanting to go on an adventure in her life. Boys have come and go, close friends have moved on, and family is far away. Valerie didn't know that an adventure was coming towards her, but not in the best way. 5 amazing guys will come into the picture and change her life forever. Valerie will have to make some big decisions and have to hurt people in the process. Who will she choose?


2. Airport

It took only two days to pack up my clothes and all my childhood memories. My personal things will shipped out today so I took two suitcases of my clothes for the plane ride. I've never been so happy, but so nervous at the same time. I always lived in my house with my family then when I grew up, I moved into my own apartment. Hawaii would be a new experience with weather and time difference. There was a lot I would have to get used to.

Once arriving at the Louisiana Complex Airport I waited until my plane was called. I put on my earbuds and listened to this new coming teenage girl named Birdy from London. Her music like spoke to me, she's such a amazing singer. She isn't famous famous like Katy Perry, but she has a lot of loyal fans. My favorite song by her is "Skinny Love" and I just get lost in my thoughts when I listen to it. "Come on Skinny love just last the year, pour a little salt you were never hereeee, my my my my my my my my". "Flight 97 is ready to be boarding" I heard through the loud speakers that interrupted the song. I was now ready to start something new. 

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