This is my first fanfic so I'm sorry if there is any spelling errors and I might not update it very often. Also sorry bout the short chapters and wordsssss.... If you have any questions ask me @hshires01 !

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8. Chapter 8

Harry's P.O.V

" Wow Harry! You got you're self a beauty! When you're done with her tonight can I have her?" Niall said. Well Niall I don't think so. Okay? Okay. I'm not gonna be done with her anytime soon. God even my best mate thinks I'm a womanizer. I have to clear that up, and this is the perfect chance to do so. That makes me sound like a player though. I like her and she seems like she's been broken many times. That's not going to happen this time.

" Oh, um Harry."

" Yeah Ni?"

" Um, Hanna is really hurt. She told me the whole story. When you left she was just standing there. Go talk to her mate. Say sorry."

" Ok, I will"

Hanna's P.O.V

After Niall left I sat down at the table and ordered this . I know I don't usually drink but I've been hurt too many times. I looked over. ' Is that LIL WAYNE?' I thought to myself. I am a huge fan and OMG!!!!! He's coming over!!!!!! ahhhhh!!!!!!! stay cool Hanna. Stay cool.

" Hey I'm Wayne."

"Um. I. Hey. So. Erm... H-Hanna." Nice going Hanna, nice going. He stuck his hand out for me to shake it. So like all normal people, i did. OMG!!!!!! IM TOUCHING LIL WAYNE!!!!!! AHHHHH!!!!! Calm down. Calm.Calm. Did I just say that out loud? Hope not.

"Mind if I sit down?" I looked around for Harry, but I didn't see him anywhere. Guess he went home ?

" Sure go ahead!"

" So, Hanna tell me a bout you're self. What do you like to do?"

"Well, I like to sing a bit, dance."  Hey! There he is!

" Really? cause after the premiere I could take you to a club and we could dance?"  " Um I'm here with someone. But I can go ask him if he still wants to go to dinner but I don't think he does. He's kind of mad at me.So let me go ask just in case."

"Oh well I'm sorry to hear that "

"Thanks, be right back." I though he had a girlfriend...

Harry's P.O.V

I see Hanna! I need to apologize.

" Hey can I take a rain check on dinner tonight?"

"Why?" I asked feeling let down.

" Wayne a.k.a Lil Wayne wants to take me clubbing.

" WHAT?!?! He can't do that! She's my girlfrien- oh yea.

 " Oh yea sure just text me when you wanna go to dinner." It's pretty obvious that i don't want her to do so if she says yes. Oh God I'll probably kill that Wayne dude... 

"Okay I will and thanks babe! Love ya!" Well I'm thinking if she loved me she would have said so when I asked her to be my girlfriend. Ya know, I almost forgot about that until she waltzed over here. Well let her have fun whith that cheating, ugh, thing.



sorry i havent been on in a while. but ill leave yall w. tht.

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