This is my first fanfic so I'm sorry if there is any spelling errors and I might not update it very often. Also sorry bout the short chapters and wordsssss.... If you have any questions ask me @hshires01 !

Thanks xx love you guys! Hanna


5. Chapter 5

" Jess, do you think the blue dress is better than the purple? " I asked my best friend Jessica. I was holding up the dresses while she picked out my make up.

" Ummm... I think the black is the best still."

"black isn't a choice..." " Well, the laced back, how well it fits you, the way your eyes look when your wearing it. I mean c'mon your beautiful and don't think anything else hun. You're wearing the black!". I felt defeated, I mean I did look pretty hot in the thing. Oh! did I tell you where we're going? no? well he's taking me to a movie premiere! EEK! sorry fan girl moment I guess. So I put the black dress on.

"WOW! You. Look. FABULOUS!!! Jess screamed when it was on my body. She did my hair and make up perfectly. Now alls I had to do was wait for Harry!


I'm waiting on my new coauthor!!!!!! cant wait!!!

much love Hanna xxx<3 :)  sorry my laptop wanted to mess around with me so no pics!

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