This is my first fanfic so I'm sorry if there is any spelling errors and I might not update it very often. Also sorry bout the short chapters and wordsssss.... If you have any questions ask me @hshires01 !

Thanks xx love you guys! Hanna


4. Chapter 4

Harry's P.O.V

" Have we met before?" her sweet voice rattled through my ears. Have we met before? Honestly I don't know she does look really familiar. " Maybe we have met before you do look familiar too..." " Yeah" god I loved that girls voice so sweet so soft and caring. "Well I have to go." She got up and started to leave but I stopped her. 'Wait!" I called after her. "Can I get your number?" " Sure, but I have no paper" C-R-A-P! I really wanted Hanna's number! WAIT! Napkins... I'm a GENIUS! " Hold on one second." I raced to the front of Starbucks and grabbed a hand full of napkins and asked the cashier if I can borrow his pen. I ran back to the booth and almost knocked down multiple people while doing so and wrote down my number. I gave her one too and we switched. I wonder where she works. I don't know but anyway. We waked out and I wished her luck on her job. Hopefully it wasn't too much. I stood there and watched her walk away. I stood there until she walked into the... 02 Arena! I can't believe she works there! She could control the lights or curtains or a model! I heard there was a fashion show there today. Well there is only one way to find out... get some last minute Fashion Show tickets. God that girl is beautiful.

Hanna's P.O.V

Harry, Harry, Harry. Where have I heard that name before? I thought to myself. I pulled out my phone and added him as a contact. Now I know what you're probably thinking, Why would you give your number to a complete stranger? Well he's not a complete stranger, I know him from somewhere, I just don't know where. If that makes any sense. I walked into the arena and I saw something no normal person will ever see. The biggest stage/cat walk I have ever seen in my life. Oh yeah, the place is pretty big too! As i was walking towards hair and make up I felt my back pocket vibrate. My phone read

New Message from Harry :) :

Hey it's Harry, the guy you met in Starbucks:)  I was wondering, I know we just met and all but would you like to go out with me on say, Friday night if you're free?  ;) x <3

Oh. My. God.

New Message to Harry:) :

I'm free ;) Is 8:00 good for you? x <3

After about 30 seconds he texted me back.

New Message From Harry :):

8:00 is perfect text me your address and I'll see you then love <3

So I texted him my address and smiled like and idiot. I hadn't been on a date in a while so of course I was excited!


Where do you think the date should be a fancy restraunt ( i dont know how to spell it sorry) or a burger joint or smthin like that. Once again when I saw how many people read this I was so excited! You make me sooooo happy! And I love feedback or suggestions or whatever I love to hear from you guys x Hanna <3 :)

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