The Little Mute Girl

Button is a 17 year old , physically and mentally abused, mute teenager. At the age of 10 Button saw her parents murdered in front of her eyes and now she lives in a orphanage in England. That's not all , even though she's been through alot she gets bullied by 5 different bus every day . That's correct , she get bullied physically and verbally by the one and only : Harry styles , Liam Payne, Niall Horan, Louis Tomlinson and Zayn Malik. What will happen to Button when her life actually starts to get even worse ? Will she end it all or continual living on this horrible world ? -On Direction is not famouse in this fan fic - :) Enjoy


4. Chapter 3: Still At Le Hospital

Jamie's POV:

Scared... That's was the only emotion I was feeling when my eyes laid upon Harry. But who else wouldn't be scared after a guy has been bullying since middle school. The worst thing I would expect to happen was for Harry to rip the I.V. out my arm and make me swallow it... But he didn't do anything, he just stared into my soul and frankly it was freaking me out. I looked around the room trying not to make contact with any of the boys but something in me told me to tell them thanks for actually bringing me to the hospital and not letting me die. But something else in me told me to take he I. V. Out my arm and jab it in each of their eyes since its their fault Im in the hospital.. We stayed in silent In the visable tension around the room until Louis decided to speak up. Louis: "Button, we truly didn't mean for the constant beatings to go this far.... We're truly sorry" I looked at him like he has lost his mind. They never said sorry.... I grabbed the pen and paper that was next to the hospital bed and wrote down on it quickly. " What makes you think that with one apology everything's going to be alright and that I'm going to forgive all the cruel messed up things you did to me" Zayn read aloud. Niall looked me straight in the eye and said "Button we know your not going to forgive us, what we did was disgusting and terrible . We just wanted to say that we are truly sorry and that we plan to stop harassing you in every way". All the boys nodded , except the putrid little bastard named Harry . The nurse came in and told me that the orphanage called and that I can go back home to there now. The boys all had bewildered looks in their faces when she said orphanage and home . Liam asked me if I lived in the orphanage. I nodded slightly and could feel the tears building up on my tear ducts knowing that I have to return to that living hell Have to call a home. The nurse came in again and took out the I.V. And told me to go change , that someone came to pick me up. I looked up at her confused. I have to friends or family to come pick me up .... I looked around the room looking at the boys asking mentally if they knew who it was but the boys looked equally confused. I kept looking around and noticed Harry wasn't in the room. He's probably planning my death and renting a casket for me. I got up and went into the bathroom to change. When I got out non of the boys were in the room. Totally like them to just walk out. When I got to the exit , I saw a black range rover in the front with Harry standing out of it. Was is this little fucker planning on doing... ?
Harry's POV:
When no one was paying attention I snuck out the hospital and got my car out to the front. I was planning on getting Button to stay at my house for a while and I am going to ask her when we get to Starbucks . When button came out she looked confused then she saw it was me and came towards me . I smiled widely and told her to get in. When she got in I got into the car from the other side and started driving. I need to make things up to Button I NEED to .
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