The Little Mute Girl

Button is a 17 year old , physically and mentally abused, mute teenager. At the age of 10 Button saw her parents murdered in front of her eyes and now she lives in a orphanage in England. That's not all , even though she's been through alot she gets bullied by 5 different bus every day . That's correct , she get bullied physically and verbally by the one and only : Harry styles , Liam Payne, Niall Horan, Louis Tomlinson and Zayn Malik. What will happen to Button when her life actually starts to get even worse ? Will she end it all or continual living on this horrible world ? -On Direction is not famouse in this fan fic - :) Enjoy


2. Chapter 2 : Hospital.

Harry's POV: 

LOL! I was laughing so hard while looking at mute freaks body on the ground. I'm sorry, but i couldn't help it. She just looked so sad and dead and it made me smile. I know, I sound like a stupid douche, but seeing her in pain made me smile for once. I mean come on, it's the little whores fault anyway! if she would just talk to me for once non of this would happen! Fine, the least I could do for the whore is to bring her to the hospital and make sure she's not actually dead. While I was laughing the boys gave me death glares.                    

Harry: What?! This is much your faults than mine!

Zayn: We'll we might have tortured her but it's your fault it made her lead to bleeding. I mean come on bro! This wouldn't have happened if you didn't try so hard to make her talk! Why do you even need her to talk?! Do you like mute girl or something?

At that moment my heart was pounding and my palms were sweaty. What is this that I'm feeling? I can't possibly like her, can I ? I mean like if I smile when hurting her, I can't possibly feel something towards her can I?

Harry: I do not * Blushes*

Liam: Harry, you're blushing, you obviously like her.

Harry: NO I DON"T ! Now come on we have to drive little mute freak to the hospital before she dies.

Louis: Ya know Harry, If you don't like her, can I have her ;) ?

Harry: Hell no, now come on lets go.

Niall: Aww! Harry has a crush! 

Harry: No I don't now lets go.

****At the Hospital**


Still Harry's POV: We waited in the waiting room for about 30 minutes or so before a docter came up to us and told us the Button had nothing serious wrong with her so we can go see her in room 213. I was actually terrified to see in what state she was in. The boys all went in first and I stood at the doorway. Poor button looked so lifeless and dead. Ok, I know what ur thinking,"OMG you were just so happy she looked dead!!" Well, to tell you hunny I actually do have a heart and maybe I do care about Button. Wait what ?! Did I just say I care about Button !? I think the hospital fumes have gotten me a bit crazy in the head ! While the boys were around her , I started to feel guilty and bad about what we did to her and made me almost just on the hospital bed and hug the living shit out of her !! I slowly walked over to the side of her bed and looked at her intensely. She looked pale , she was awake but still very pale. Her usual clear blue eyes turned baby blue with fury and anger. Then it clicked! She didn't want us here by her side because we were the ones who did this to her! All the color of y body left at the thought of her hating us but not being able to tell us sonar she's mute .. GOD DAMN IT ! I'm so stupid she won't be able to tell us she wants us to leave since she won't talk at all!Button slowely looked at all of us . Disgust in her eyes and when her eyes finally landed on me she looked not angry but scared.. Is that how she feels next to me? Scared?? Well I am a bully towards her but its just because I want her to speak to me and tell me to stop Thant she doesn't want me to hurt her, she wants me to love her... Wait there Harry ! Did I just say I want her to tell me she wants me to love her?! Oh my gosh.. I like Button .. No I love Button.
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