The Little Mute Girl

Button is a 17 year old , physically and mentally abused, mute teenager. At the age of 10 Button saw her parents murdered in front of her eyes and now she lives in a orphanage in England. That's not all , even though she's been through alot she gets bullied by 5 different bus every day . That's correct , she get bullied physically and verbally by the one and only : Harry styles , Liam Payne, Niall Horan, Louis Tomlinson and Zayn Malik. What will happen to Button when her life actually starts to get even worse ? Will she end it all or continual living on this horrible world ? -On Direction is not famouse in this fan fic - :) Enjoy


3. **Authors Note**

Hello loves! I haven't introduce myself to you properly! Well I'm Rafy the author of this novella and another one , if you wold like to check it out be free too. And I'm not sure of how my writing is so if you could give me feedback that would be great :3 . Also um I will be trying to update when I can and It will most likely to be posted 1 or2 chapers a wek or so if I'm not busy. Oh and you guys are the best I already have 88 views and 6 favorites :)! Well to me it's a lot so don't judge XD um I think that's it for now and I'm most likely to update this story alot more then my other one since this one caught my eye more and gave me even more ideas liked in my head ! Love ya!
-Rafy <3
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