Angel Will Fly

Angel has never had any luck or good in her life but her brother Xavier, unfortunately he leaves for war and soonly dies. Angel can't take her crazy, arguing parents anymore, so she flees. She had an amazing voice and needs money really bad. How will she survive the mean streets of Chicago? Can she make friends? Can she find a job? Or will she get more depressed than she already is. This movella is based on the song "A-team" by Ed Sheeran. If you haven't listened to it you must! This book is for the what's going on your street contest, please read. Enjoy :D


2. Vase of Roses

I woke up to screaming in my ear and the sharp poke of bristles on my cheek. Slowly, the darkness in my eyes faded into color. There was  a short, plump man standing in front of me with a broom in his hand. He had medium length black hair and his face was as red as a tomato.  My ears finally turned on and I heard a tiny bit of what he was yelling. "GET UP, GET UP! LEAVE MY SUBWAY SHOP YOU HOBO! UGH WHAT IS THAT SMELL? EEK GO, GO!" he screamed furiously as he continued to poke me with his broom.  I could feel some of the straw get tangled in my hair, so I grabbed my thick blanket and started running down the sidewalk. "AND STAY OUT!" he reminded me loudly.

After two blocks I sat and caught my breath. I looked back to make sure he was gone and he was. Good, I thought to myself. I went by the nearest building.  It's a flower shop. I set down my large blanket and walked up the steps. Before I went inside I brushed out my thin, knotty hair with my finger tips. I rubbed my eyes, licked my lips, and stomped my feet to get the dirt out of my shoes. I opened the door and stepped in. The walls were a nice coral color and the floor was black and white tiles striped through out the room. Each exotic flower bunch stood up tall and straight. I was about to ask the manager what the time it was, but my eyes get lost in the beautiful colors of all the flowers. I began looking at each bouquet, pot, and vase very closely. I saw tiny bunches of daisies in pots, different colors of tulips in each vase, and not to mention red, white, and black roses in bouquets. My eyes got caught on the bouquet up on the top right of the first shelve by the window. I stood on my tippy toes and reached for the bouquet. It's an arrangement of white and black roses. 'Ouch,' I thought when I pricked myself slightly on the thorns. I swing around and bump into a tall women in heels 3 inches high. She had glasses with square lenses and black frames. The intriguing color of her dark brown eyes made it hard not to stare into them. She had straight, long blonde hair.

"Hello how may I help you?" she asked. 

"Umm, sorry I just wanted to know the time, I forgot my watch at home," I lied.

She gave me a sigh as if she knew I was homeless then told me, "It is 7:23 AM. You can keep those flowers if you'd like to."

I quickly replied before she could change her mind, " Thank you." I walked out grasping the bouquet in my hand. I smirked widely as I stepped down the steps. I picked up my blanket and started to walk down the streets into the city.

I found the perfect spot to sit just as the sky started to turn black. I threw my blanket down and sat on the side of a Macys. I reached into my pocket and grabbed out a soda cup from McDonald's. I also counted how much money I had left. $7.23. Great, I thought to myself. I held out the cup and begged people passing by to put in any spare change they had.  There were some weirdly dressed people in Chicago. I saw one man pass in a neon green jump suit. I wondered what he was going to do. I saw another man walk by in a dirty clown suit. His makeup is painted in a smile, but he is frowning. I get bored after no one seemed to walk by, so after awhile I started to sing where I had left off, " Lights gone, days end. Struggling to pay rent. Long nights, strange men." I was about to sing more, but then I saw a black figure come towards me.

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