Angel Will Fly

Angel has never had any luck or good in her life but her brother Xavier, unfortunately he leaves for war and soonly dies. Angel can't take her crazy, arguing parents anymore, so she flees. She had an amazing voice and needs money really bad. How will she survive the mean streets of Chicago? Can she make friends? Can she find a job? Or will she get more depressed than she already is. This movella is based on the song "A-team" by Ed Sheeran. If you haven't listened to it you must! This book is for the what's going on your street contest, please read. Enjoy :D


10. Out to Eat

Dave and I ran into the nearest restaurant as fast as we could. A waitress walked up and lead us to a table. I could not believe that this was happening! I was on a date! I laughed when I remembered when my brother warned me about dating.

He said that I should always trust my heart and never pretend to love just to be in love. We were sitting at a restaurant at the time like this restaurant.

"Angel, what do you want to order?" he asked me.

"I'll have the grilled parmesan chicken with a baked potato and some diet coke to drink," I kindly answered.

We talked for about 20 minutes about random things like work and our goals in life. He said he wanted to save up until he's 25 and go find a desk job working with computers. I laughed.

"Why is that so funny?" he smirked.

"Its just from what I've learned about you so far that's so opposite your personality," I replied.

"Yeah, but after years of trying different things I've decided to be normal about my life. I mean i dont have any special abilities."

I sighed then whispered something my brother had always said to me, "If everyone in the world was meant to be normal, then we would have a normal world. Nothing new or exciting. No one would invent anything because that wouldn't be normal and no one would fall in love because everyone was the same and they could find better interest in themselves. So if being normal is what you think you want then go ahead be normal. I'm going to be different."

He smiled and stared down at the table for a little bit.

"What's wrong?" I finally asked.

He smiled then said, "If I and everyone else decided to be normal, then I would take the chance away from everyone else of meeting special as different and meaningful as you. I guess I can't do that."

I quickly wiped away my tear before he could see. That was so sweet. Soon our food came and we started talking about about random stuff. After we were done he walked me out.

"Angel this was so fun. We have to do this again sometime."

Before I could do anything else I felt his lips press up on mine. I kissed him back. It was a quick but meaningful kiss. We said goodbye then I started to walk home. I smiled so much. That was my first kiss. I know that is lame because I'm twenty-two, but still it meant so much. As I walked in the building I saw the time. It was 2:30 PM. We were off work, but I told Abby I was going for a short walk! I ran up the stairs into the apartment.


Something was different about this. I walked over and gave her a hug. She started bawling. I walked her over to the couch and made her some tea. I finally asked what was wrong.

"After you-u left-t I got a call. It-t was from my mom-m. My dad had a heart attack-k."

She returned to crying. I held her close and started to sing, "Cause we're just under the upper hand. And go mad for a couple grams. And she don't want to go outside, tonight. And in a pipe she flys to he motherland. Or sells love to another man. It's too cold, outside. For angels to fly. An angel will die. Covered in white, close in eye. And been hoping for a better life. This time, we'll fade out tonight. Straight down tonight."

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