Angel Will Fly

Angel has never had any luck or good in her life but her brother Xavier, unfortunately he leaves for war and soonly dies. Angel can't take her crazy, arguing parents anymore, so she flees. She had an amazing voice and needs money really bad. How will she survive the mean streets of Chicago? Can she make friends? Can she find a job? Or will she get more depressed than she already is. This movella is based on the song "A-team" by Ed Sheeran. If you haven't listened to it you must! This book is for the what's going on your street contest, please read. Enjoy :D


12. On Ice

We got home in five minutes. It was about nine so we went to bed early.

*Next day at work*

"Oh what the heck, I say he just can't win for losing.

And I lay back down.

Man there's so many times he don't know what he's doing.

Like he don't know now.

By the light of the moon i rub my eyes.

Say its funny how the night can make you blind.

He can just imagine.

And he don't know what he's suppose to do, but if I  feels bad then he does too.

So he lets me be.

And he says oooo.

I can't take no more.

Your tears like diamonds on the floor.

And your diamonds bring me down and I can't help you  noww.

Your down in it, you tried your best but now you can't win it.

Hard, to see them on the ground.

Your diamonds are falling down."

I finished my song which was my own version of Her Diamonds by Rob Thomas and then left with Dave. We were going ice skating today. I was a little nervous because I had only gone ice skating once and it was not fun.

All I remember was my parents yelling at me to do better. They told me that they would kick me out the the house if I fell one more time. Luckily Xaiver came by me and took my hand to help me. It was really fun because after a while we just blocked our parents' talking out.

After a 20 minute car ride we got to the ice rink. We got our skates and went to the bleachers. We sat down and put them on. Dave right away bolted out onto the ice. I slowly strolled up to the edge of the rink trying to keep my balance. It is obvious he has skated a lot. I stared cautious at the ice not sure which foot will come first. Dave saw me struggling so he skating by and grabbed my hand and pulled me on the ice. I almost fell but he caught me right away.

5 minutes went by and I has started to get the hang of it. We held hands and dodged up-coming people. I started to not worry, but suddenly my skate went the wrong way. Before we knew it, I was on top of Dave. We could not stop laughing.

When we were done we got hot chocolate. It was such an amazing day. I wished it never ended. When we were talking we decided to talk about our past. He told me about how he was born in Dener, but moved to Chicago at a young age. He told me about his parents, two sisters, and a brother. He told me funny stories about him growing up.

"How about you? What is your past like?" he questioned.

I froze. I didn't know what to say.

"Are you okay?"

I broke down and decided to tell him. As I told Dave the horrors of my past his smile crumbled into a frown. He did not say anything for a couple minutes. Suddenly he hugged me. I broke down and started to sob. I whispered through my tears, "Been this way since 18, but lately her face seems. Slowly sinking wasting. Crumbling like pastries."

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