Angel Will Fly

Angel has never had any luck or good in her life but her brother Xavier, unfortunately he leaves for war and soonly dies. Angel can't take her crazy, arguing parents anymore, so she flees. She had an amazing voice and needs money really bad. How will she survive the mean streets of Chicago? Can she make friends? Can she find a job? Or will she get more depressed than she already is. This movella is based on the song "A-team" by Ed Sheeran. If you haven't listened to it you must! This book is for the what's going on your street contest, please read. Enjoy :D


18. Gone

The door flew open. Abby came rushing in crying and she gave me a hug.

"She is gone," she whispered.

"W-what do you mean?"

"Here." She handed me a note. "I will read you what mine said.

Dear Abby,

You do not know how much you have meant to me these last two months. I have never been happier. You are so kind, caring, funny, honest, and sweet. Yet I feel I am holding you back. You are basically paying everything for me even though I had money. You are the best friend I could ask for. I love you so much and just to let you know nothing that I am going to do is your fault. I just cannot see the light in my life anymore. All I had was you and Dave. With Dave dying or almost dying( I am leaving this world unknowing if he is joining me or staying), me blowing the singing competition which basically determined my whole career, and my constant flashbacks of my horrors. I cannot take it. I am so sorry. I hope this money will come in handy.

Love, Angel"

My heart stopped. I couldn't move. Would Angel actually kill herself? The doctors came rushing in. They tried to help me. I felt better after awhile. Then I picked up the letter on the side table next to me.

Dear Dave,


Wow. I don't even know how to start. I love you. It may have only been a short relationship, but I cannot hide how I feel. Just to tell you nothing I have done is because of you. Right now I do not even know if you are still alive. For days I stared at your lifeless body. I am sorry I have held you back. I am just some homeless girl who was unloved. Thanks for making me feel that love. I am also sorry out first kiss was our last. I wish there was more. I am am crying as I write this. If you are alive, please do not do something ordinary with your life. You are meant for so much more. I am sorry, but I cannot take the horrors anymore. By the time you have read this I will have jumped off the bridge into a new world. I am sorry. I will love you now and forever.

Love, Angel

P.S.- A little bit before I got the job at Reger's cafe, I started writing a song. It is about my life. I wrote it for you. Just to let you know I exaggerated at some parts. Ha. I can not write anymore because I am crying too much. Good bye.

I was bawling my eyes out now. I looked at the paper next to the letter, carefully not dripping tears on that either. I read the song carefully, not skipping any part. It was beautiful. I stopped crying at the last line, "Or angels will die." I could not move. I missed her so much and I just wanted to hold her.

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