Angel Will Fly

Angel has never had any luck or good in her life but her brother Xavier, unfortunately he leaves for war and soonly dies. Angel can't take her crazy, arguing parents anymore, so she flees. She had an amazing voice and needs money really bad. How will she survive the mean streets of Chicago? Can she make friends? Can she find a job? Or will she get more depressed than she already is. This movella is based on the song "A-team" by Ed Sheeran. If you haven't listened to it you must! This book is for the what's going on your street contest, please read. Enjoy :D


1. Decisions

'I am going to do it this time,' I thought to myself. I took an endless stare at the freezing, harsh waves under me. I pulled myself off the railings and safely onto the sidewalk edge of the colossal bridge. I paced back and forth holding the black railings, deciding what to do. My head felt like it was 100 pounds as it sat on my shoulders. I thought for a second then grabbed onto the jangling dog tags hanging on my neck. I looked the engraving one more time. It read Xavier Delenay. He was my older brother and only sibling. I remember 4 years ago when he left for war.

Xavier seemed so excited for the first time in a while. He brought me to the side when our parents were arguing about him leaving. They argued about everything. He quietly whispered, "Don't let them get to you. Angel you are beautiful, smart, strong, and honest. I couldn't be more sorry for leaving at this point in your life with you having to go through all this, but just remember no matter what they say, what they do, you stay you. Got that?" I nodded and ran into his muscular arms for a long hug. That was the last time I saw him. I tucked the dogtags back into my jacket.

"I need to stay me and if I'm dead I can't be me," I whispered. I turned around and started to run into the pitch black street.

As i ran the only light visible was from the shine of the glittering snowflakes dropping from heaven. It was as if Xavier was telling me everything was going to be alright. I curved my way around every twist and turn of the streets ahead. I remember when I ran away from home and all the yelling that filled my ears that night. I couldn't take my parents fighting anymore and Xavier didn't live there anymore so I gathered my things and I sprinted out my front door. Things have been different ever since. I finally saw the sign that read 35 miles per hour and remembered where to go, because that is the reminder I am almost there. When I wandered back to my street I could barely see because the street lights kept flickering on and off. I stumbled through the pitch black space only seeing a glimpse a second of where to go. I kept walking passing store after store until i found the subway shop I usually sleep at. I got my thick, luscious blanket that was hiden between the store's outside wall and a trash can. I plopped myself down and wrapped myself in the never ending warmth of the purple, cotton blanket. I started to sing a song i was writing for I loved singing. I used all my strength and opened my frozen lips then sang, " White lips, pale face. Breathing in snowflakes. Burnt lungs, sour taste." Before I could sing anymore I drifted into a long, anticipated slumber.

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