Caught in the middle.

Lauren and Ashleigh are your ordinary 17 year olds. They are both friends with the Janoskians. Luke and Lauren have dated once before but they are still friends. When One Direction come to Melbourne, Australia things change between everyone. Lauren and Ashleigh fall in love and one of their friendships fall apart.


8. Why him?

Lauren's P.O.V

When Harry dropped me off back at home I quickly kissed him and ran inside. When I turned the corner Ashleigh jumped off the couch. 

"AHH." I screamed.

"How was your date with Harry?" Ashleigh asked with excitement. 

"It was great. One Direction sang to me." I said. 

"Wow. Your lucky." Ashleigh said. 

"Hehe thanks. I bet if you and Louis go out he will sing to you." I said.          

"Yeah. But I go out with Beau. I love Beau a lot." Ashleigh said smiling. 

"You guys are cute." I said. 

"Oh. Just so you know the boys are staying the night." Ashleigh said. 

"Ok where is everyone sleeping?" I asked. 

"Um Beau is in my room Jai, Skip and James are sleeping in the spare room and Luke is sleeping in your room." Ashleigh said. 

"Great." I said. 

I slowly walked up the stairs and walked in my room. Luke was on one of the spare mattresses I walked over to my bed and grabbed my pajamas.  I walked out of my room and went in the bathroom. I washed all the makeup off and got dressed. When I walked back in my room Luke was awake. 

"Did I wake you up?" I asked. 

"No. I just woke up." Luke said. 

"Are you tired?" I asked. 

"No. Not now." He said. 

"I have some movies on my laptop if you wanna watch some." I said. 

"Ok." Luke said. 

I walked over to my bed and grabbed my laptop. I moved over so Luke could sit. 

"Are you gonna watch a movie too?" Luke asked.

"Yeah. I'm not tired." I said. 

Luke walked over and we started watching Ted. 


Ashleigh's P.O.V

When I woke up it was about 6.00 in the morning. So I decided to get a coffee. I looked in the spare room to see how The boys were doing. They were all fast asleep. I giggled a bit and walked over to Lauren's room. As I opened the door I saw Luke in Lauren's bed. I guess they both fell asleep during the movie that they were watching. When I got downstairs I turned the kettle on and made a coffee. I heard footsteps coming down the stairs and Lauren walked towards me. 

"Morning." Lauren said. 

"Morning." I said back.

I looked at Lauren.

"What?" I asked.

"Why was Luke in your bed?" I asked

"We watched a movie last night and we fell asleep half way through it." I said. 

"Ok." I said.

"Are you and Harry dating?" I asked. 

"Yeah." I said. 

"Oh yeah." I said.

"I am aloud to have boys as friends." Lauren said.

"Yeah but don't get too attached to them." I said walking away.

I know Lauren has feelings for Luke. She doesn't want to admit it though. 

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