Caught in the middle.

Lauren and Ashleigh are your ordinary 17 year olds. They are both friends with the Janoskians. Luke and Lauren have dated once before but they are still friends. When One Direction come to Melbourne, Australia things change between everyone. Lauren and Ashleigh fall in love and one of their friendships fall apart.


3. Whats up?

Luke's P.O.V

When Beau walked out I followed him. He sat down on the steps outside.

"Hey mate what's up?" I asked. 

"Nothing. I just needed fresh air." Beau replied. 

"Sure sure." I said.

"Will you just get off my case?" Beau said. 

"Fine." I said walking away.

I walked back into the cinema and I walked in when the girl was getting dragged off her bed. I got a huge fright that I fell on the ground covering my eyes. I heard someone running up to me.

"Luke Luke are you alright?" Lauren asked.

I opened my eyes.

"Is it over?" I asked.

"Hehe yeah it's over." Lauren replied helping me up.

"Where's Beau?" Lauren asked.

"He is sitting outside. I don't know why he is upset though." I said.

"I will go and see if I can see whats wrong. I don't think that he will tell his brother." Lauren said giggling. 

"Ok." I said.

She walked off and I took my seat.


Ashleigh's P.O.V

"That was scary." Lauren said.

"But we got through it." Harry said.

"Yeah but Louis comforted me." I replied. 

"I thought Beau was supposed to comfort you." Lauren said.

"Wait who is this Beau guy?" Louis asked.

"My boyfriend." I said.

"BEAU!" I screamed.

I ran around crazily.

"Ashleigh calm down. Beau might have left already." Lauren said.

"Yeah but I ditched him." I said panicking.

"It'll be alright." Lauren said.

"Here Lauren." Harry said handing Lauren a piece of paper. 

She smiled and took the paper. 

"Well we better get going. We will see you girls around." Louis said walking away.

"Bye." Me and Lauren said. 


"It has their numbers." Lauren said

Luke, Jai, Skip and James walked up to us.

"Lauren what happened to the talk with Beau?" Luke asked.

"I can't say. But He is upset." Lauren said.

"What's he upset about?" I asked.

"I can't say." Lauren said. 

If Lauren can't tell me whats up with Beau then I will find out.


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