Caught in the middle.

Lauren and Ashleigh are your ordinary 17 year olds. They are both friends with the Janoskians. Luke and Lauren have dated once before but they are still friends. When One Direction come to Melbourne, Australia things change between everyone. Lauren and Ashleigh fall in love and one of their friendships fall apart.


2. Movie

Lauren's P.O.V

"Are you ready yet?" I asked Ashleigh.


I sat on the couch and turned the TV on. 


"WHAT!" I screamed. 

I started fangirling. Ashleigh started running down the stairs. 

"What?" She asked.


"OMG." Ashleigh said

I turned the TV off.

"Are you ready to go?" I said.

"Yeah." Ashleigh said. 

We hopped in the car and we headed to the movies. When we got there the Janoskians were taking photos with people and giving autographs. We walked up to them.

"Hello boys." I said.

"Hello. Are you ready?" Beau asked. 

"Yeah. I am ready to get scared." Ashleigh said.

"I will be there to comfort you." Beau said. 

Ashleigh smiled and walked off with Beau.

I just stood there being bored. 

"Hey Lauren." Jai said..

"Hey Jai Jai." I said.

"Really Jai Jai?" 

"Hell yeah. It suits you." I said. 

He smiled and we into the cinema. 

When we walked into the cinema we saw Ashleigh and Beau making out in a corner. Me and Jai started laughing. 

"Nice." I said.

Ashleigh looked at me and then they both walked different directions. I ran over to Ashleigh and started laughing.

"So a new couple." I said. 

"I think so." Ashleigh said. 

Me and Ashleigh linked arms and got our tickets.


Beau's P.O.V

"So finally you go out with Ashleigh." Jai said.

"Yeah I guess. Where's the rest?" I asked. 

Jai looked around and spotted Luke, Skip and James. 

"Hurry up. We are going to be late." I said. 

We walked over to the counter and got our tickets. Lauren and Ashleigh were waiting for us in the actual movie. We all picked our seats and waited for the movie to start. 

"We need to make Lauren and Luke together again." Ashleigh said.

"What?" I said. 

"I mean they were the cutest couple when they were together. What happened?" Ashleigh asked. 

"Lauren and Luke thought it might be better if they were friends." I said.

"Really thats it?" 

"Yeah. Stupid right." I said. 

"Whats stupid?" James asked.

"Oh nothing." I said.

"Oh I get it." James said.

"NO NO NO. Not like that." Ashleigh said. 

"Shh. The movie is starting." Skip said.

Ashleigh rested her head in my neck and we watched the movie. Half way through it five boys walked in.

"OMG LAUREN." I heard Ashleigh say/

"Is that...." Lauren said. 

"One Direction?" One of the boys said. 

Lauren and Ashleigh nodded.

"Well you girls are correct." Said another boy.

Ashleigh and Lauren gasped.

"Would you girls like to sit with us?" 

"Ok." Lauren and Ashleigh said 

They both got up and sat down with them. Before I knew it Ashleigh was snuggling with another boy.

"So much for a movie." I said. 

I got up and left the cinema.



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