Caught in the middle.

Lauren and Ashleigh are your ordinary 17 year olds. They are both friends with the Janoskians. Luke and Lauren have dated once before but they are still friends. When One Direction come to Melbourne, Australia things change between everyone. Lauren and Ashleigh fall in love and one of their friendships fall apart.


9. I might stay away for a while.

Lauren's P.O.V

I walked to my bedroom window and looked at the city of Melbourne. Harry and the boys are leaving soon. I walked back to my bed and just laid on it. A tear came to my eye. I love Harry but I like Luke. Why is life so complicated? I heard laughing coming from outside and I looked out my window and it was Ashleigh and Beau. GREAT!

"We're home Lauren." Ashleigh screamed.

I didn't answer. I just locked my bedroom door and walked back to my bed. I grabbed my laptop and looked at the photos me and Luke took when we were dating. This is bad. Really bad. How can I like Luke when I am dating Harry. I exited out of my photos and went on twitter. There we're a lot of tweets. Some were threats and some were saying me and Harry were meant to be together.

I grabbed my coat and walked downstairs.

"Where you going?" Ashleigh asked sitting next to Beau.

"Somewhere." I said and walked out.

I was walking along the beach and I started having flashbacks. Me and Luke holding hands and hugging at times.


People who were passing me looked at me like I was a total freak. I just ignored them I continued walking until I passed Harry and the boys. I tried to hide my face but It didn't work.

"HEY LAUREN." Louis screamed.

I paused in my spot and turned around.

"Hey babe." Harry said leaning in for a kiss.

I pushed my lips against his and we kissed.

"I'm sorry I am supposed to be meeting a friend for a bit. Will see you later." I said.

"Ok. Be careful." Harry said.

I hugged Harry and he hugged back and I walked off. I really don't know where I'm going. I walked up to the grand hotel and thought I might stay here for a while.


Hey I am staying at a hotel for a night or two. Will see you when I come back.


Why whats wrong?



When Ashleigh replied I just put my phone in my pocket and walked over to the front desk.

"Hello can I please have a room for a week?" I asked.

"Yeah sure." Said the lady at the front desk.

I paid and she gave me my key and I walked out to my room. When I walked in I looked for my bedroom and then when I found it I just hopped in it and fell asleep.



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