I finally found you.

This girl named Bella is alone in life. She travel alone on the most amazing trip she ever had. In this trip, she meet the guy she, with the time, think is the one. As well this guy think the same. His name is Harry. Lovee xx.


8. Tomorrow.

I woke up very early, I was looking for no reason the window. Today was a beautiful day, I look to my left and saw my beautiful boyfriend Harry, he was holding my hand. He looked so cute when he is sleeping. So I had an idea. I'm going to do breakfast for Anne and Harry.
I'll do eggs, bacon, pancakes and.. Oh! Orange juice. I finish the breakfast and put the 2 breakfast in 2 tray. One for Harry and one for Anne. I first took the tray to Anne. "Anne I made breakfast, hope you like it" Anne slowly woke up and said "Oh darling thanks" I went downstairs for look Harry's tray. So I enter to my room and said "Baby breakfast is ready, common wake up" he slowly open his beautiful eyes and said "Shit" "What? You don't like it?" I said. "Yes is perfect but today I was going to do breakfast to you" I laugh and said "Other day you surprise me" he smiled and said "What did my favorite chef do today?" I smiled and said "Well sir you have bacons from Argentina, eggs from Turkey and pancakes from United States Oh and orange juice from England" he laugh and said "Bring that deliciousness to me" I give his tray and sat by his side.
Anne said "Guys I'm going to work, I'm feeling better, you have the house for your own" and she left.
I need to call my mom, she don't know anything about me. "Harry I'm going to call my mom" "Go darling" I was talking in the hallway. "Mom?" "Hi darling, are you having fun?" "Yeah mom but I wanna to move here, I have a job and a place to stay, can I move?" "Umm well, if you want, you can stay there, if you need money tell me, love you" I knew that she wouldn't have a problem with that. So I went to the room and said "Babe I have bad news" he said "What happen?" "Well I'm moving to England, with you" "Oh you scared me! You are going to live with me right?" "Well if you want..." "No I don't want, I don't want my lovely girlfriend live with me" he said that in a sarcastic way. He said "Great! We need to celebrate!" I said "Tomorrow we'll celebrate" he said "why?" "Because tomorrow is my birthday" I said and he answered "Oh of course! I already knew it" I hugged me and I jump to the bed right next to him. I fall asleep.
He carry me and went downstairs. I slowly opened my eyes and ask "Where are your taking me?" I said he had a surprise for me. He put me in the couch and said "Don't open your eyes" I put my hands in my eyes and he said "I buy you some flowers" I open my eyes and saw red roses. I stand up and grab them, they smell so good. I kiss him and said "Thanks babe, no one had buy flowers for me" he saw me and said "What? Really?" I look at him and said "Well in school I wasn't bullied or something like that, but I never had a boyfriend, all the boys were in love with a blond one" he said "Those guys are crazy, you are gorgeous and I won't stop saying it" I blush and he ask "What we are going to do tomorrow?" I said "You need to surprise me!"

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