I finally found you.

This girl named Bella is alone in life. She travel alone on the most amazing trip she ever had. In this trip, she meet the guy she, with the time, think is the one. As well this guy think the same. His name is Harry. Lovee xx.


9. Today!

Today is my birthday, I really don't expect my family call me but I knew that Harry and Anne will be with me, or Harry.  I was woke up by the lovely voice of Harry singing Isn't she Lovely. I slowly opened my eyes and saw Harry with a birthday cake. He said "Happy birthday to the most beautiful girl on all the Earth" I giggle and said "Thanks babe, love you" I stand up and he carry me downstairs. I kiss his cheek and he said "Well today I have plenty of surprises for you" he put me down on the couch and broth me a tray with my favorite breakfast on all Earth, Arepas with eggs and bacon (Arepas are a typical plate in Venezuela). He sit down next to me and said "I hope I could make this birthday the best you ever had" I look at him and said "You are going to the good way" he smile and eat a piece of my bacon. He had a little piece in his lips. I try to clean it but he said "No, like that no, I want you to clean it with your lips" I blush and kiss him. I finish breakfast and he said "Go and dress up, I want to take you to a very special place" I went upstairs and put a pair of jeans, And a coat because outside was very cold.  He open the door of the car and said "You need to have all the way your eyes close" what? Like all the way? This boy is insane. I finally turn off the car and put his big hands on my eyes, I heard an elevator.. I don't know where we are. He said "Open your eyes" I open my eyes and saw the garden of the hotel where we met. I turn around with my eyes almost crying and hugged him so hard. He is so cute, "Babe thanks, I love you and this place" I said. I put his hands on my waist and kissed me. Now we where going to Starbucks for some coffee because today was way to cold.
We sit in a table and Harry call a girl. "Hey an you take us a picture?" She smile and said "Oh yeah, of course" she grab Harry's phone and said "Your wallpaper is so cute" I look her and she turn around the phone and I saw a picture of me. Harry have a photo of me as wallpaper. He is so fucking cute. She take the photo and he said "Take one of she kissing my cheek" I turn to kiss his cheek and he turn his face. Our lips were touching so cute and softly, she take the picture and said "You two are so cute, hope you'll never broke up" she give the phone to Harry and walk away. He saw the picture and giggle, I said "What are you watching?" He said "Gosh that you are the best thing that I would ever have" I blush and kiss him "Babe I will always be yours, you know that I adore you" I said and he kiss me. We went home for see some movies. We were watching Titanic. I always cry in this movie. He saw me crying and hold me very close saying "You see even beautiful when you cry" I smile and he said "And your smile, one day you would kill me, you are perfect" I said "I love you" he said to me "Me more". I fall asleep in his chest. Like two hours later I woke up and I saw Harry smiling to his phone. "What are you watching?" "Uhmm nothing" I took his phone and saw a picture of me sleeping. "Harry! Erase that! I look horrible!" "What? Don't say that never again, you are an angel when you sleep" I smile and sit in his legs. We fall asleep.

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