I finally found you.

This girl named Bella is alone in life. She travel alone on the most amazing trip she ever had. In this trip, she meet the guy she, with the time, think is the one. As well this guy think the same. His name is Harry. Lovee xx.


12. The party.

We were going in our way to our flat to get ready, I run upstairs for look with what heels I can use with the dress, how I'll use my hair and all of that. I realized that my dress have this whole at the back, like from my neck to my lower back.. Now I understand why Harry like it so much.. I felt so weird in that dress, I'm not the fattest girl but neither the skinniest one. I put it on with black heels and my hear in a pony tale. "Baby hurry up!" Harry scream to me "I'm going, give me a second" I finish my makeup and walk down the stairs. Harry look at me and said "Bella you... Umm you look amazing" I look at the floor and he pull up my chin kissing my nose. We went to the car and he opens the door for me "Oh such a gentleman, opening the door for me" I said in a sarcastic but cute voice and he said "Everything for the most beautiful princess" I smile and he start driving.  We finally got there and all of Harry and Niall's friend were there, Demi and I felt like very uncomfortable but we will do everything for the boys, and were having fun with their old friends. I was alone now sitting in a table, Harry was having fun with his friends. There was a drunk guy that was flirting at me. "Hello cutie, what are you doing here alone?" "Please go away" the guy grab my wrist and start threaten on me. Harry saw him and push him "Don't touch my girlfriend Andrew" the guy push me and I fell to the floor. I start crying. The boy put a foot on top of me and Harry struck his face telling him unconscious. Harry carry me and said "Baby am so sorry, I didn't want to leave you alone, are you okay?" You look at his face and your mouth and nose were bleeding. "Bella you are bleeding, babe lets go home"
We went home and my mouth and nose didn't stop bleeding, I start to feel dizzy. "Babe don't faint again please, let me clean it" Harry said to me but I couldn't answer back, I was feeling very bad. He took out my dress and put on my pjs, he put on my lips a cotton with hydrogen peroxide and on my nose a piece of cotton too but with anything. I don't know why he gave that cotton with hydrogen peroxide to me but it burns a lot. I said to him "Thanks Harry, I'm tired, can we sleep please?" He said "Yes come on, lets go to the bed" he carry me to the room and lie me down by his side. We fall asleep.
Next morning he finally woke up before I do. My lips were swollen and my nose too but I feel much better "Morning beautiful" "Morning babe" we both went down and had some breakfast. The door sounds. It was the guy who push me yesterday. I hide behind Harry like a little girl. The boy said "Hey I just wanna to say that I'm sorry, I was drunk I didn't want to hurt you" I smiled and said "It's okay, I only have my lips and nose swollen no big deal" he turns around and walk away. Harry and I went to the couch and watch some tv. "I look the way my friends look at you, I didn't like that" I look at him and said "How they were looking at me?" "They start saying that you look amazing in that dress, that you have a great body, that you were very sweet and all that stuff" "Oh Harry and what's the matter with that?" "Well basically because you are mine, and I'm the only one that can said all of that about you" "You know that I love you and I only have eyes for you" I said to him and he kiss me. We were watching old movies of Disney. We were laughing and having fun. Then this silence, not awkward but kind of weird. I turn around and it was 2 o'clock, I was starving "Baby you are hungry? I'm starving!" He giggle and said "Me too, wanna call Niall and Demi?" "Yeah great" obviously we where going to Nando's. We where eating French fries and Niall grab two French fries and put them on his nose. We were laughing at Niall and Harry took a picture of him. Demi was recording all of the funny moments that we've had so far. In Nando's my favorite song start to sound. Wigs by Little Mix, I couldn't handle it and start singing. The Demi record me and she join me. Then the guys and then all Nando's was singing with me my song. It was the most cool thing I've done! We were walking throw  the street and Demi saw a dress that she like, we enter to the store for her to see it. She buy it. It was very cute, was short and pink. It was lovely.

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