I finally found you.

This girl named Bella is alone in life. She travel alone on the most amazing trip she ever had. In this trip, she meet the guy she, with the time, think is the one. As well this guy think the same. His name is Harry. Lovee xx.


16. The game.

We went downstairs and wait for the Niall with the pizza. Demi left with him. Harry and I where alone in their flat. I said "When they come I have the coolest game ever" Harry smile and said "Okay, tell me how it is" "We'll it's I ask a question of whatever I want and if you have right I need to take off piece of clothing" Harry said "And when I have it wrong?" "When you have it wrong you take out a piece of clothing. I know that Niall will live this game". Niall and Demi finally show up an I explain the game. We finish the pizza and start with the game. The first one was a question for Demi from Niall. "The capital of United States" Demi answered "Washington D.C " she had it right. And took of her shoes. Like really Demi? Your shoes? It was my turn to ask Harry "Babe tell me the colors of the Australian flag" he said "Red white and blue" he had it right. I took of my shirt and his eyes went bigger "I forgot to tell you that I'm a 36DD" Harry giggle and didn't quit his eyes from me. We were almost finish. Harry was in boxers, Niall boxers with shirt, Demi in bra with shorts and I in undies and bra. I won the game. Harry look so sexy in boxers. I put a big t-shirt on and my shoes and Harry his pants and went home. I went to our room and Harry follow me. I laid in the bed and Harry on top of me. He kiss me softly and then kiss me neck. I grab his shirt and pull it of. He softly put of my pants and his hands on my lower back. He pick me up and crash me on the wall. I had my legs around his waist and he was kissing my neck. He put me again in the bed taking of my shirt. "It happened" I said breathing heavy. He said "I know, wow" he look at me and kiss me. We fall asleep in the bed totally naked.
Harry's POV
Last night was great. We did it. This morning I woke up with my girlfriend all naked, she have the hottest body ever. I kiss her and she slowly woke up.

Bella's POV
Next morning I woke up by a kiss that Harry gave me. I put undies and a bra and he out a boxer and went down for breakfast. He carry me and put me in the kitchen table. He start cooking and I hug him from behind. He turn around with the pan in his hand and kiss me. "Love you princess" "Love you too Charming" "I like that" he said and I giggle.

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