I finally found you.

This girl named Bella is alone in life. She travel alone on the most amazing trip she ever had. In this trip, she meet the guy she, with the time, think is the one. As well this guy think the same. His name is Harry. Lovee xx.


15. Talking.

Then Niall and Demi came to our flat because I can't go anywhere. We saw some movies and heard music and just have fun. The Niall and Demi fall asleep. Niall with his arms around Demi. They look so cute together. I went up to take a shower and Harry was down waiting for his mom. I took off my cloth, now I'm in bra and undies when I hear someone enters to the bathroom. It was Harry "Babe I'm sorry I didn't know you were here!" "Hazz don't worry, I'm not totally naked, what happen?" "Well I was looking for my phone" "It's on you bed darling" "Thanks love" he walked away and I went to shower. I was drying my hair and my body and go to my room, put some hoodies and went down and Niall and Demi still sleeping. Harry and I went to his garden. It was full of flowers and lights, it was perfect, little but perfect. We sat down in one of the benches and talked about our life before we met. I told him about my parents (That they didn't care about me) he told me he likes to sing and things like that. He hold my hand and saw some scars "What is this?" I said "Well like 2 years ago I was kidnap for 3 weeks and the kidnapper kept me in a basement and he tie my wrists very hard and that why have I the marks of the rope he used" "Oh Bella I'm so sorry, but how did he kidnap you?" "I was going to my home after my cheerleader practice and a man grabbed me and out a cotton with something that makes you fall asleep and then the police find me 3 weeks later" "Wow Bella I'm so sorry, I-" I cut him and kiss him saying "Don't worry, I'm still alive and only with some scars in my wrists, that all" I smile to him and he hug me. The Niall said "Love birds I need to go, Demi fall asleep and I need to leave her in her house" Niall carry Demi and left. We enter to the house and Anne call "Hello?" I answered the phone "Bella is Anne, I'm going to a work trip for 3 weeks, please take care and don't so crazy things" "Don't worry Anne, good luck" I hang up and told Harry he said that was fine "So we have the house for ourselves" Harry said to me with a smile and i said "I know love but no active night until I tell you" "Yeah, don't worry"
We went to Niall's and Demi flat. We were playing hide and seek, it's Niall turn to count and I didn't know where to hide. I ran to Niall's and Demi's room and a big hot hand grab my waist and put the other hand in my mouth and hide me in the closet with him. It was Harry "Shh it's me babe" "Why you carry me like that!? You scared me!" "I'm sorry" he kiss me. "Your eyes look beautiful in the dark Bella" "Harry it's way to dark you am see anything" "I can see your lips and I wanna feel them"  "Well come here and tasted them" he kiss me. It was magic, like fireworks and Niall opens the closet doors. "I found the love birds Demi! See you in 5 years when you finish guys" Niall said with a sarcastic voice. "I'll buy pizza, I'm hungry" "You dude? Hungry? Impossible" Harry said with a sarcastic voice.

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