I finally found you.

This girl named Bella is alone in life. She travel alone on the most amazing trip she ever had. In this trip, she meet the guy she, with the time, think is the one. As well this guy think the same. His name is Harry. Lovee xx.


5. Spain.

Next morning we wake up and have a shower. Now we are going to the airport. I really enjoy England, and I'm so glad to have this trip, without this trip I wouldn't meet Harry. Now I can't imagine my life without him. I just.. I can't. I saw a little baby playing with his dad. I wish my relationship with mine was like that. I said "They look so cute, she very lucky having a dad like him" Harry look at me and said "Yeah, you are right but now you have me, and I'll never living you. Never" he kissed me and hold my hand. We were looking for our sits. "I wanna the window" Harry said, I smiled and said "So you will have the window" we seat down and a drunk girl start walking towards us. She grabbed Harry's hand and said "You are so beautiful" I look at her. I wanna kill her. I said "Excuse me darling, he have girlfriend, so go away or we are going to have a problem" she look at me and laugh, then said "Who's his girlfriend? I mean she needs to be beautiful, not like you little slut" Harry said "Just go away and don't ever talk like this to MY girlfriend, and she is gorgeous" she walked away and he said to me "Thanks babe" I said to him "I'm a slut?" He said "You aren't! Don't said that never again, you are perfect" I smiled and said "Thanks babe, Love You"  I put my head in his chest and fall asleep, I could feel his heartbeats. We  were finally in Spain. He softly woke me up kissing me. I slowly opened my eyes and stand up. The taxi took us to the hotel. It was more beautiful than the one in England.
We are now going to our room, this time the room was way to little, so we needed to sleep in the same bed. I was laughing uncontrollably and Harry said "What happened" I said "I'll sleep with you" he saw the bed and said "Why not? I mean you now are mine?" I climbed the bed and grabbed his arm and put him on top of my body and kissed him. I grabbed his shirt on my fist. This kissed was perfect, just perfect. I let him go and he smiled and said "You and your lips love right?" He laugh and I said "You and all your entire been love me right?" In a kinda sarcastic way. He said "Me and my entire been don't only love you, I adore you" I hugged him and start unpacking. We went down for a walk, a relaxing walk, we were talking and doing jokes and I started to run, just I wanna to run and he start to following me, he finally get me and he carry me, I just couldn't hold my laugh and rain start falling. Harry and I start running in the rain, playing around like little babies. He carry me and start spinning me while I was laughing. He put me down and we stood there looking into our eyes. He kissed me. Down the rain. My first kiss in the rain with the boy I loved. He is perfect. We start running to our room all wet and shivering. I put some hoodies and told him to watch a movie. He said "What you wanna see?" I said "Whatever you want babe" He put Bambi and I said "Really babe? Bambi?" He said "Bambi is he sweetest movie ever, and I want you, my sweetie to look at a movie as sweet and cute like you" I was red, al blush. He is very good making people blush. He made some popcorns and the movie start. I was crying, this movie is way to sad, Harry hold me in his chest while I was crying saying to me "Babe don't cry" I clean my tears and the movie finally was over. It was like 12pm. I was so tired, I told Harry that I was going to sleep. He said "I'll be there in a minute"

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