I finally found you.

This girl named Bella is alone in life. She travel alone on the most amazing trip she ever had. In this trip, she meet the guy she, with the time, think is the one. As well this guy think the same. His name is Harry. Lovee xx.


4. One more day babe.

I woke up. Harry said "Babe, you scared me, are you okey?" I slowly start opening my eyes and ask "What happened babe?" He kissed my hand and said "We are in the hospital, you faint and you didn't wake up, I was very scared about you, don't ever do this to me again" I saw around me and I was all connected by machines and seat down. The doctor enter and said "You faint, you have to stay for the night." The doctor walked out of my room and Harry start to fall asleep. I said "Babe, you are tired, go to the hotel and sleep a little, I'll be fine" Harry look at me, grabbed my hand and said "I'm not leaving you here, I'll be here until you fall asleep and I can be calmed" I smiled and close my eyes.
Next morning I woke up and Harry was sleeping in the chair right next to me, holding my hand. I kissed his hand and he woke up "Who you're feeling?" He said to me and I said "Better now" he smiled and called the doctor, the doctor told us that we can go now to the hotel.

Harry was driving and I remember about my trip to Spain. I said "Babe in 2 weeks I'm going to Spain" I looked at me and I said "What are we gonna do?" He look at me and said "I'm going with you" I said "Really?" He said "Why not? It will be funny, because you will be with me right?" I smiled and said "Right".
We are finally in the hotel but my things were out of my room. The cleaning lady said me "Darling it seems that you don't have room anymore" I ask her "What happened? I don't have room anymore?" She said "It look so, I'm sorry" I grabbed my things and went to Harry's room. "Harry can I stay with you? Someone took my room and I don't have place to go" I said to him, he look me and smiled saying "Of course baby, whenever you want".
I left my things in his room and we went to the pool. We were playing the hides and it was my turn to hide, the hotel was huge! I don't know we're to hide. I hide in the kitchen, behind a table. Harry enters to the kitchen and said "I know you are here, I can smell your perfume" I giggle and he said "I can hear you babe, I'll find you" he came behind me and grabbed my waist, I scream and he carry me and start running. I couldn't stop laughing. We went to our room and watch tv together. I said "Tomorrow we are going to Spain babe" he look at me, kissed me and said "I can't wait". We put on ours pj's and fall asleep.

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