I finally found you.

This girl named Bella is alone in life. She travel alone on the most amazing trip she ever had. In this trip, she meet the guy she, with the time, think is the one. As well this guy think the same. His name is Harry. Lovee xx.


13. Oh My.. he is cheating on me.

We were in our flat and Harry was taking a shower, and his phone start to rang. I answered "Hello?" "Babe! How are you? I've been missing you so much!" "Who are you?" I ask and she said "Harry I'm Taylor, your girl.." I hang up and just felt to the floor and start to cry. I saw pictures of this Taylor on his phone, she was a tall blond girl. She was beautiful but why he was cheating on me? Why?  He went out of the shower and look that I was packing my things. "Wow babe what are you doing?" "What I'm doing? What did you cheat on me? Why you have photos of this Taylor on your phone? Why you did this to me!?" I was crying so hard and he was trying to hug me "Don't touch me, don't even talk to me, never" "Babe I'm sorry, she was at Starbucks and we just talk and I don't know, I'm sorry" "Just let me go" "No please" "No please!? No please your ass, how do you pretend me to stay with you while this bitch calls you and say to you "Babe" no, I'm leaving". "So go and fuck yourself!" I was going out of the house when he said that. I just went down to the floor and start crying even harder. I start to run with no place to go.

Harry's POV
My god! She just find out of Taylor, I just shout her something that almost kill her. I went outside to find her but she wasn't there. I lose the love of my life for this stupid blond. I start to run and try to find Bella. I can't find her. I'll die without her. I made a massive mistake.

Bella's POV
I start to run to the park. I sat on the bench and just felt apart. It was late at night and it looks that I'm going to sleep here in the park, I grabbed a blanked that I brought with me and laid in the bench. I didn't stop crying. From no were it start to rain. I just stood up and walk through the rain. All the good times that Harry and I had. All the cute times, all the funny ones. This was killing me. I was crossing the street and from no where a car crash me. All I remember was someone shouting my name and then everything was black.

Harry's POV
I found Bella walking alone at the poor rain and she was crossing the street, out of no where a car was going towards her "Bella!" I shout and then the car crash her. I run towards her and grab her head laying it in my legs "Bella please, wake up, I need you, don't leave me" I was crying so hard and the ambulance finally got there. She was mummify, she wasn't moving. She can hardly breath. We finally got to the hospital and she was all connected to machines and cables and it just look like a horror movie.  I hold her hand and start crying. I call Niall and he was in shock "Dude I need you, I can lose her" I said to him and he in 5 minutes was in the hospital. He saw Bella in that bed and tears came down his cheeks. "How this happened?" He asked to me "She found out about Taylor and ran away and a car crash her" "You are so stupid Styles, how can you lose some like her? Who you dare to do something like that to her? What the hell you where thinking?" Niall shout at me while I was crying. It's all true, she is like this by my fault. I'm a monster, I almost kill the girl of my life.

Bella's POV
I could hear Niall screaming to Harry. I can't move, I can't do anything. It feels so bad, I was trying to said that I was alive but I can't.

Harry's POV
Niall was so mad, he kiss Bella's cheek and walked away, I was alone, I've make a mistake and know I have my girlfriend almost dying. The doctor enter and told me that she is on comma, she could wake up in days, or weeks, or month, or even years! I can't see her like that. The doctor walked out and I told Bella "Babe if you can hear me move a finger, do something please" she didn't respond. I hold her hand and start crying. She had all her face swollen by crying, she had in her left hand a paper. I took it and read it. It said "I love him like no one else, but why he cheat on me? I can't leave without him, he is my everything, I don't even want to picture me without him" I whispered "I love you too Bella, I'm so sorry, now you are like this for my fault and if you don't make it throu-" she squeezed my hand. I look at her face and I said "Babe if you hear me do something" she slowly put up a finger. "Babe I love you, I'm so sorry, I such a fool I'm sorry" she move her finger like she was saying no. "No what? You won't forgive me?" She start to breath harder and I kiss her hand "I'll not go anywhere, I'll stay here for you with you" I fall asleep with my forehead on too of her hand. Someone was touching my curls, I slowly opened my eyes and saw Bella moving slowly her hand through my curls. She said in a sleepy and hard voice, like someone was pressing her neck "Your not a fool, and I love you" and she slowly close her eyes again "Bella please don't leave me!" "I won't leave you, I'll stay here with you, but I'm hurt".

Bella's POV
I woke up. Harry was there with me. He was crying. The doctor enters to my room and said "Hello lovely, how are you feeling?" I didn't have much voice and respond "I'm feeling very hurt, what happened?" "You had a accident, but now we need to do some test to see how bad or good you are" he smiled and went out. I saw Harry almost falling asleep "Babe come here and sleep with me, you are very tired" he look at me with a cheeky smile and laid down my my side. I fall asleep all connected to this machines and cables but in Harry's arms.

Harry's POV
I woke up very early, the sun was bright and by my side was Bella, I feel so guilty for everything that happened last night. I didn't want to hurt her, never. But was this girl that when I went to the bar she start flirting on me and she don't stop calling me, I talk to her and she grab my phone and took like 10 pictures. She told me if I ignore her she will hurt someone close, someone that I love.

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