I finally found you.

This girl named Bella is alone in life. She travel alone on the most amazing trip she ever had. In this trip, she meet the guy she, with the time, think is the one. As well this guy think the same. His name is Harry. Lovee xx.


11. Nialler, Demi, Harry and me.

The next day we where going to visit Niall at his flat. I was pretty cool dressed. I had tie dye shorts, a white shirt and some sunglasses. We enters to his flat and a blond, with a cool style and brown eyes was sitting next to Niall. "Hi dude" Harry said. Niall and the girl turned around "Hi buddy! She is my girlfriend Demi" She stand up and said "Hi nice to meet you" shaking my hand and Harry's. Harry said "Hello, I'm Harry and she is my girlfriend Bella" I smiled and said "Hi" Niall look at us and said. "Join us, we are watching a movie" we sat down in the coach and said to Niall "You are feeling better right?" I giggle and Niall said "Yeah very well"
We were watching Breaking Dawn part 1. It was so romantic and sexy and gosh I felt in love with that movie. I couldn't keep my tears like Demi. I was crying and Niall saw Demi. And hugged her. I try to not do like noise so Harry don't see me. I didn't want to say anything but I was falling asleep. I was so tired. It was like 11 pm. I fall asleep in Harry's chest. He realized and he said goodbye to the two love birds and carry me into the car. Then he carry me towards our room and put on my pjs. I was obviously awake but to tired to do it my myself. He lay me down in my side of the bed and he do the same. He put his arms around my waist and kiss my forehead. The next morning I woke up and Harry as usual he was sleeping, so I grab my eyeliner and write in his forehead "I adore Bella she is a princess" and make a mustache on the top of his lips. I grab red lipgloss and put it in his lips. He woke up and I couldn't handle the laugh. He run to the bathroom and scream "BELLA YOU ARE DEAD!" I start to laugh and said "Come on and get me Styles!" I start running through the house and Harry behind me. He finally got me and throw me in the coach. I said "Awe my little boy caught me" he grab my wrist and said "I'm not a boy, I can show you what I can do" he start kissing me. I pull his shirt off. We fall from the coach and start laughing. He kiss my neck and I put my hands in his chest. He pull out my shirt and his hands in my body. Softly pull out my short. He kiss me and bit my lips. We were having fun but the door sounds. Hi was on boxers and I was in bra and panties. He stand up from the floor and put his pants and his shirt and go and get the door. Y stand up to and put my shirt on. It was Niall and Demi. I was in panties when Niall enters to the living "Oh gosh! I'm sorry I didn't wanna to see you" I blush up and said "Don't worry, I I'm the one to say sorry" Niall saw Harry with a face and Harry said "You came in the worst time, you know we were.." Niall look at me and said "Oh I understand, well we are going to Nando's Move it!" I smiled and Harry leads me to the room. We were in the car going to Nando's. I went to the bathroom and Demi follow me. We were talking and you know... Knowing us better. She like to sing and I love to dance, that was kind of funny I don't know why. We fix our hair, the makeup and take a photo of us. We went to the table and hear the boys talking about us. We look and giggle. The boys totally blush up. Demi kiss Niall in his cheek and I kiss Harry's nose. We finish eating and Niall said "Harry tomorrow we have the ball of the school, you know for see the old friends of school" Harry look at him and said "But they can come with us right?" "Yeah of course" Demi said to Niall "Nialler I don't have a dress or something to put" I look Harry and said "Me too" Harry said "So we need to go and buy dresses for this beautiful princess" Demi and me giggle. We were in a store and Demi saw a beautiful yellow and orange dress. Niall said to her "You look so beautiful my love" she blush and she went to change. Harry found a beautiful coral dress strapless. "Try this one" I put it on and wet outside for Harry to see it. He was watching some dresses and I call him. He turn around and said "Holly gosh" I look down and said "You don't like it" he said "No! I love it, you look gorgeous!" I feel his hand pulling my chin up ad kiss my nose. "This is the dress I'll buy for you" I saw the price. 500$. "What the heck!? This is too much money Harry, I won't make you pay 500 dollars on me. No" he look at me and said "I'll pay hundreds of dollar for you" "I don't worth it Harry, don't buy it" "that you don't worth it? You are crazy, you worth more that everything I have" I look at him and kiss him saying "Thanks"

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