I finally found you.

This girl named Bella is alone in life. She travel alone on the most amazing trip she ever had. In this trip, she meet the guy she, with the time, think is the one. As well this guy think the same. His name is Harry. Lovee xx.


10. His friend.

Next morning I woke up in the coach on Harry's legs. I softly kiss his neck and he woke up. He pull me up and went to my room upstairs. Anne enters to my room and Harry say "Mom shh, she is sleeping" I was awake but with my eyes close. Anne say "Oh I'm sorry, she look me cute sleeping" Harry said "Yeah, she is gorgeous mom, you don't know how much I love her" I had this little smile, I just couldn't handle it. So Anne left the room and Harry just stood there watching me. I felt like awkward and slowly turn around "Why you staring at me?" I ask and he said "I'm not staring at you.." "Oh I know you do" "Yeah, you are right but don't lie to me, who the hell won't stare at you. It's impossible" I totally blush. I mean I was literally red. He put me closer and said "And your eyes. Your eyes like to see me melting" I smiled and stand up. "I'm going to make some cupcakes for my love" I said going down to the kitchen. He stay in my room watching movies. I finally finish baking the cupcakes. They where ready but I needed to go to the bathroom. When I was walking towards the kitchen I saw Harry eating the cupcakes "HARRYY! They are not ready!" He said "hahsjdjdhd djsjdj jdkdkd" "What did you said?" He swallow the 12 cupcakes he had on his mouth and said "They look so irresistible, just like you" I smile at the floor and said "You really like to make me blush right?" He said "That's the way I like to make you feel that I love you" "I love you to boy" he carry me and throw me in the bed "I'll show you I'm not a boy" he softly lay on top of me and start kissing me. I has holding tight his shirt as he was taking out mine, he kissed my neck and pull out my pants.
Next morning I woke up only in bra and undies. I saw Harry in boxers and all our close on the floor. My room was a mess. I slowly kiss his cheek and went to the bathroom. I look in the mirror. MY GOSH I look SO bad. My mascara was all over my face, my red lipstick was on my cheeks and my hair. Well my hair is obvious that was a big mess. Harry enters to the bathroom and said "You look so beautiful" I turn around and said "Babe you are sleepy, I look horrible" he smile and said "Tonight my old friends invited me to the bar, can I go?" "Well yeah of course but please take care" he look at me and said "I will always take care of you" he smile and put some close and went to the bar. It was almost 02:30 am. I was waiting Harry and then he show up, he was drunk, I took his arm and put it around my neck and went to his room. I seat him on his bed while he was talking about a blue man he saw in the bar he is obviously drunk. I  was just laughing and looking for some pjs for him. I start taking out his shirt and he said "No! Don't touch me! I have a girlfriend! She is Bella, and if she see you taking my cloth of will kill me" I was shock. I lean near to him and said "I know who is your girlfriend. She told me to put you some pjs." "No, tell her to come, she would do it, not you" OMG he even drunk is cute. He fall asleep and start calling my name. I woke up and go to see what happen. "Babe a girl start to pull my shirt off, it wasn't me I swear!" "Don't worry babe, it was me trying to put your pjs so you can sleep well" he smile and said "I got scared, I thought you would kill me and don't want to see me anymore, if that happen I will be depress for the rest of my life" I smile and kiss him. I fall asleep in his room. His phone start to sound. Gosh it was so early. I woke up and Harry answer the phone. "What's up?" He said "Oh yeah. We will be there in a minute" I look at him and said "What happen?" He said "My friend Niall is at the hospital, you wanna come with me?" "Yeah, of course". He were in the hospital and saw that cute blond at the bed. He was sleeping. Harry's eyes where almost crying and I hugged him. "Babe dot worry he will be fine" the doctor enters and said "Are you friends of Niall?" "Yeah, he's gonna be okay?" Harry said vary worried "Yes he fall and had faint but he's going to be fine" harry smiled and say thanks to the doctor. I was sitting in Harry's legs while we wait for Niall to wake up. He slowly opened his beautiful blue eyes and said "Dude where I'm?" Harry smile and said "You faint" he saw me and said to Harry "Dude is this girl your girlfriend?" I smiled and he said "Yeah" and Niall said "She is so beautiful" I totally blush and said "Thanks Uhmm my name is Bella" he kiss my hand and said "Is a pleasure to meet you, I'm Niall" Harry look at him with a face of jealousy. I kiss him and that face disappear in matter of seconds.

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