I finally found you.

This girl named Bella is alone in life. She travel alone on the most amazing trip she ever had. In this trip, she meet the guy she, with the time, think is the one. As well this guy think the same. His name is Harry. Lovee xx.


6. He wanna learn spanish.

I went to our bed and covered myself. Like 10 minutes later Harry came in and laid down in the bed with me, I had my hand in his chest and he was playing with my light brown hair, I look at him and he was already asleep. I sit down watching him and I kissed his pink and soft lips. He slowly opened his eyes and kissed my hand.
Next morning we were going to walk in the streets of Spain. Spain is wonderful, is perfect. Harry and I went to a very cool shop and start to play with the clothe, I grabbed a cool hat and a red pants with different heels. And start walking and playing like if I was in a runway. He was laughing and saying "Gosh whatever you have on to still like gorgeous" I smiled and kissed him. The lady of the store start to talk in Spanish to us "Señorita por favor deje de jugar con la ropa" I know how to talk in Spanish she was saying that I needed to stop playing in her store. I said "Lo siento, no era nuestra intension" I said that I was sorry. We walked away and Harry said "I didn't know you talk Spanish" I giggled and said "I was born in Latinoamerica, but I moved to California when I was like 7 years old". He said "I wanna learn to talk in Spanish". I said "It's very hard, are you sure?" He smiled and said "I only wanna know how to said you are beautiful" I smiled and said "K babe repeat after me, eres hermosa" he said "eres hermousa" I laugh and said "Great know so it again" he said "eres hermosa" I smiled and said "You need to practice but you are doing it well!" I laugh and we keep walking. I stop and saw a beautiful dress. Harry said "Baby do you want it?" I said "Babe is too expensive" he look at me and said "Nothing is too expensive for you, I'll pay hundred of dollars for you" I totally blush and said "I won't make you pay that much for me, no, let's go" He kissed my cheek and went to the hotel. He said "Babe I'm going to buy some food, what do you want?" I said "I want pizza love" I said "K, I'll be right back"
I was alone in our room, and pretty bored, so I put music, very loud and start singing. Harry enters to the room and said "Great!" I turned around and said "Oh gosh, did you hear me?" He said "Yes, you do it great" I put my hands in my face. I was very embarrassed. I saw that Harry had a big bag and my pizza. I ask "What do you have in that bag babe?" He said "Oh right, I buy you something, I hope you like it" I walk towards him and pick the bag, opened and saw the beautiful dress that I want this morning. I was totally shock. I said "Baby it's beautiful! Love you!" He said "I adore you but I have to tell you something" I looked at him very confused and said "What happened?" He said "We'll my mom is sick and my sister isn't home, I need to go ad take care of her, do you wanna come with me?" I looked at him and said "It will be a pleasure" he hugged me and kissed me. And I asked "When we are going?" He said "Tomorrow in the morning"

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