I finally found you.

This girl named Bella is alone in life. She travel alone on the most amazing trip she ever had. In this trip, she meet the guy she, with the time, think is the one. As well this guy think the same. His name is Harry. Lovee xx.


3. He have a surpise for me?

We went downstairs for my key. I found it in one of the tables in the pool. I really don't know how the key stop there. We went to the elevator, Harry's room was on top of mine, so his balcony could see my room.
Harry, lately, had been very carefully with me, last night in his room I was hungry and hi went very fast down an pick me up some cookies. Today a golf car almost chocked me and Harry quickly moved me amd since we meet in the elevator he had been a gentleman. Well I love him, he is handsome, he is cute, he like to be with me. I think I have feelings for him, but I'm not saying him that, until he tells me he feel the same, but whatever. Now we are seeing a board with information of the activities of the hotel. Tonight the hotel have a elegant diner. I wanna go but Harry haven't invited me. He left me in my room and I saw in my bed this red roses and a card. The card said "Every day I spend with you is the best of my life, I wanna to invited you to the diner tonight darling" OMG I'm dying! He wanna go with me. So I start to look for a cute and elegant dress, I have 2 options: 1) This short dress on front and long in the back, color beige, strapless and have a blue belt, with blue heels and in a pretty messy bun a blue flower or 2) A black dress short on front and long back, with a belt color red and red heels. I have an hour to get ready, I took a shower, put makeup, do my messy bun and put my first option. The door of my room sounds. I have a smile bigger than my face. I opened the door and Harry in a whispered told himself "Jesus Christ" I smile and he said "Bella you look amazing" I look at him and kissed his cheek. He grabbed my hand and went to the elevator. In the elevator he press the button of the garden and I told him "Babe the diner is on the 4th floor" he smiled and kissed my hand and said "I have a surprise for you" I was kinda of confused but I trust him. We wemt to the garden and I saw all the flowers with lights, a little place with a chair and he said "Seat there my love" my love? What is he doing? Gosh I'm very confused. He took my hand and start talking "Bella from the first moment that I saw you, I knew that you were a beautiful and special girl. And I was right, I can connect with you like no other person in my life, but I'm really sad." Is said "Why?" He said "Because you are not mine" I opened my eyes as big as I could, I was in shock "So from now on I wanna be your prince, because you are already my princess" I smiled and grabbed his cheeks and kissed him in the lips. Was magical, perfect, he pull me up and start spinning  me while I was laughing and kissing him. He put me down and said "Let's go to the diner my princess" I smiled and said "Okey my prince"
We are in the table, hi took my hand and kissed it. Everyone was dancing, and I love to dance, I grabbed Harry's and went to the floor. We were tired so we seat down in our table. A waitress have some wine and a pick one glass, it look that that wine didn't to me any well, I was getting dizzy and Harry said "Babe what happened?" I said "Harry I'm dizzy, I'm feeling bad" we start walking and my legs start to feel weak and in matter of seconds I faint.

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