Life As We Know It.

Harry and long time girlfriend Lina have a little surprise that brightens everyones lives and that little surprise's name is Darcy.
But what happends when disaster strikes?
Will Harry pull threw even afterloosing one of his girls?


4. The Boys Trying To Pick Names.

(Lina's POV)

"Louis I know your just trying to help but I am not naming her Carrot" I said as we sat at the kitchen table as Harry cooked breakfast the boys came over for breakfast and they said they were coming over to help us with what to name me and Harry's baby girl

"Louisa" Louis suggested another name

"Nialla" Niall said

"Lia" Liam said

"Zaynia" Zayn said

I shook my head

"You guys you know I cant just pick one of those names because if I pick one the rest of you would be hurt" I said

"Lina you care to much" Niall said

"Because I love you all" Harry cleared his throat loudly

"You know what I mean Harold" I said not even looking back at him

its been 1 full month I am 4 months now I have a belly and I loving it so much I cant keep my hands off of it, its just always so warm and soft Harry always puts his hands on it and sings me and her to sleep every night we dont have a name yet we say some randomly but then they dont feel right.

Harry lets the boys suggest names but they dont really take it seriously...

"Hello you happy little family!" Louis yells as they enter our kitchen I look at Harry

"we better change the lock cause you know when she is born she will not be able to sleep" I said pointing at my belly.

"got it" Harry said giving me a thumbs up as he sipped his tea

"What you dont like our surprise visits?" Liam asked, Me and Harry looked at each other and looked back at the boys

"Sure..." we trailed off

"You guys are so mean" They whined

"No were not its just were never alone" Harry said

"Then how did you concieve our little carrot?" Louis said I giggled Harry looked down, Louis scanned us Harry cleared his throat 

"Thats disgusting!" Louis yelled their mouthes dropped

"While we were here!" Louis added still yelling

"You guys were sleeping..." I trailed off

Louis made a gagging noise Niall did the same

"Grow up you two" Liam said looking at them I waved him off saying its alright.

"Well thats one absoulutely disturbing topic now off to another" Zayn says

"Yeah what can we possibly talk about now?" I asked

we all laughed right at that moment I was certain I loved my life it couldnt get any better than this...









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