Life As We Know It.

Harry and long time girlfriend Lina have a little surprise that brightens everyones lives and that little surprise's name is Darcy.
But what happends when disaster strikes?
Will Harry pull threw even afterloosing one of his girls?


3. Telling The Boys The Gender.

(Lina's POV)

Harry takes my hand as we walk up to the boys' door and knock Liam answers the door and looks at my tummy I have a little belly but its not WOW big. yet

We walk to the living room and sit the boys looking at us Harry and I look at each other

"So is it a boy or a girl?" Louis asked

"Its a..." we trailed

"Come on out with it" Niall prompted us

"Its a girl" we said at the same time they all cheered

"Yeah its a girl were having a girl" they cheered

"Were?" Harry says rasing his brows

"Whatever" Louis says his usual sassy self

We celebrated a little bit then me and Harry had to go home because I need my rest

"Thank you Harry" I said ashe carried me to the room and laid me down on the bed taking off my shoes

"Its what I'm supposed to do" He says

"Come here" I said tiredly sticking out my arms, he walked over and layed beside me he put his hands on my stomach and started to sing

I fell asleep to his beautiful voice...

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