Life As We Know It.

Harry and long time girlfriend Lina have a little surprise that brightens everyones lives and that little surprise's name is Darcy.
But what happends when disaster strikes?
Will Harry pull threw even afterloosing one of his girls?


6. Radio Station

(Lina's POV)

I am about 8 months and 7 days pregnant me and Harry still haven't found a name yet. Hanna came over today for me and Harry's doctors appointment Harry couldn't make it because he had a radio station interview about the album and a photo shoot as well Hanna walked me to the car and I got in we drove to the doctors I turned it to the radio station the boys were on I heard their laughs
"Hi were one direction!" They said together I loved when they did that
"So I'm going to start off with a question to Harry I understand you have a pregnant girlfriend?" He asked
"Yes I do" Harry said his voice made my heart jump
"How far along is she?" He asked I didn't expect what I heard next
"8 months and 7 days" Harry said he knew the exact I was crying with happiness
"Why are you crying?" Hanna asked
"Because these damn emotions with being pregnant and all" I said wiping away the tears
"Can we ask the gender?" The interviewer asked
"I don't know yet want me to ask her?" Harry said
"Please do will she mind if we put it on air?" He asked
"Not at all" Harry said a few seconds later my phone was ringing
"Hello?" I asked sniffling
"Lina why are you crying?" He asked concerned
"You knew my exact time being pregnant thats so sweet" I said crying more
They all laughed
"Shut up guys" I said giggling
"So love can they ask the gender yet?" Harry asked
"I don't know it's up to you babe but I would suggest not to" I said I heard Louis in the back round
"It's her way or the highway" he said I giggled
"I agree the surprise is the best" Harry said
"I guess there's only one month to go" the radio guy said
"So any names picked?" The reporter asked
"Well me and Lina sat on the floor in the baby's room looking at what fans had to say about names and we both kinda like two names Mason and Janie" Harry says
"I like Mason" Niall commented
"Yeah me too" Liam said
"Ok so I gotta go guys doctor appointment" I said
They all coursed a good bye I hung up and opened my door me and Hanna walked into the doctors I got to go in right away because no one was there I've gotten used to the cold gel she showed me my baby I smiled she has grown up so much I wiped away my tears I looked over at Hanna she was crying too

(Harry's POV)

I was un focused thinking about how Lina was doing
"Harry?" Liam said nudging my arm
"Yeah sorry" I said
"He asked you what your favorite song is on the album?" Liam said
"Oh a song called Little Things" I said
"And you Louis?" He said turning his focus to Lou
"I like Over Again" he said

I zoned out thinking about my future with Lina and My baby girl

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