Life As We Know It.

Harry and long time girlfriend Lina have a little surprise that brightens everyones lives and that little surprise's name is Darcy.
But what happends when disaster strikes?
Will Harry pull threw even afterloosing one of his girls?


1. Postive.

(Lina's POV)

I pace in me and Harry's room the boys and him downstairs now that I know for sure How do I tell him this kind of thing like he is Harry Styles! he will for sure leave me I might as well abort it but I couldnt end a life that hasnt even been lived yet it would break my heart.

I check the test one more time two bars

"Shit" I whisper to myself

I sit on the bed

"How could we be so stupid?" I whisper again when me and Harry I guess concieved this baby it happened to fast we were not think at all we didnt use protection

"Shit" I say I put a hand on my stomach this couldnt be possible I put the test in my lock box and walk down the stairs act natural I say

"Jeez Lina how was your shit?" Louis said

"I only took a wee" I said Liam has rubbed off on me...

"Hey Babe" Harry says as I sit on his lap I peck his lips I have to tell him but how?..

"Hey" I said

That Night....

The boys went back to their house Harry moved out to live with me so we didnt have to share with the boys we are only 18, Harry and I were kissing in the kitchen when I could not hold it in again

"Harry" I said unlocking our lips

"What is it Love?" he said

"Theres something I have to tell you" I said softly

"Go ahead" he said I took his hand

"Follow me" I said

we walked up the stairs hand in hand

I took him into our room and unlocked my lock box but left it closed I turned to face a very confused Harry

"You know when we slept together...:" I trailed off

"You werent ready I'm so sorry" He said standing up

"No its not that" I said he scrunched his brows together in confusion

"Harry..." I trailed off

"I'm pregnant" I said He stared blankly at me

"Harry?" I asked

A smile grew on his face and he picked me up and spun me around

"Are you not worried about what people will think?" I asked

"Who cares were going to have a mini me and you running around!" he said happily this made me happy and excited

"Do you know how far along you are?" he asked putting his hand on my tummy

"No but there is some kind of test that says how far along you are and it helps to double check I can get Hanna to get one" I said Hanna is me and Harry's friend if I am seen getting a pregnancy test and I turn out not to be pregnant everyone is going to think I aborted it.

he nodded and couldnt stop smiling I pulled out my phone and called Hanna she answered and I told her about everything she was really excited she said she was leaving and she would be here soon I hung up and Harry grabbed my waist on pulled me into a hug

"Your so excited" I said

"Of course I am" he said

"I thought you would not want it" I said

"I will love it just as much as you" he said Kissing my cheek

Hanna arrived and hugged us

"do the boys know?" She asked

"No I just found out but you cannot tell them not even Niall!" Harry said Niall was her boyfriend but the press didnt know that... yet

she handed me the test

"I dont have to pee though" I said Hanna brought up 3 bottles of water I drank them and had to pee almost imediatly I grabbed the test and ran in

(Hanna's POV)

I am so happy for Harry and Lina they look so happy I started thinking about names for them

Me and Harry waited as Lina went into the bathroom she came out minutes later

"Ok so I am for sure Pregnant I am about 2 weeks along" she said Me and Harry hugged her

"I am so happy for you guys!" I said

We sat on the bed suggesting names.. this was going to be amazing!

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