Life As We Know It.

Harry and long time girlfriend Lina have a little surprise that brightens everyones lives and that little surprise's name is Darcy.
But what happends when disaster strikes?
Will Harry pull threw even afterloosing one of his girls?


7. Darcy

-Harry's POV-

Lina is in labour! I shut in the waiting room the boys come running in they sit next to me and keep my mind off things when a doctor comes out
"Harry Styles?" She says I sand up and she takes me to Lina's room we walk in and I see her my baby girl in her arms pink hat on I walk over and kiss Lina
"Are you ok?" I ask
"Yeah I'm fine" she says smiling
"Wanna hold her?" She asks me
"Yeah" I say and just then she places me in her arms
"Lina..." I say
"Yeah?" She says
"Lets name her Darcy" I said
"I love that name" Lina says
"We should mix our Mums names together for a middle name" I said
"My Mums name is Sophie" she says
"Sophianne" I said
"Darcy Sophianne Styles" she says
"Wait the babies having my last name?" I ask
"Lina?" I say again
"Yeah" she says
"I think I wanna marry you" I sang to her.
The look of pure shock went to her face.


Hello! Sorry about the short chapters... But I wanna update little chapters to the Movellas I haven't updated in a while it get you back into them... Their should be a chapter fir each Movella :) thank you for reading! XOXO :) <33333

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