Life As We Know It.

Harry and long time girlfriend Lina have a little surprise that brightens everyones lives and that little surprise's name is Darcy.
But what happends when disaster strikes?
Will Harry pull threw even afterloosing one of his girls?


2. Appointment.

(Lina's POV)

Harry clutched my hand the press knows about me being pregnant so do the boys it was awkward for a while Louis wont give up the idea of me naming the baby 'Carrot' theres something up with that boy...


Harry held my hand as we walked into the doctors, I sat while Harry checked us in

a few minutes later a doctor came out

"Lina Styles" She said Harry smirked

"Thats me" I said standing we followed her into a room I am about 3 months along now

"So how far along are you?" she asked

"3 months" I said laying down on the bed thingy Harry held my hand

"Good Good is he your brother or the father?" She asked

"The father" I said

"Ok I'm going to put on this gel-" I cut her off

"I know its not warm you dont have to tell me it is" I said she nodded

she rubbed the gel on my tummy and before we knew it we saw our baby

"What is it?" Harry asked

"Human" the doctor answered with a smile

"Is it a girl or a boy?" He asked with a smile

"Well.." she trailed off looking from me to Harry I looked at him and then back at her

"Its a...










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