Lucky Little Snowflake

Hi guys, my name is Haley and this is my first fanfiction. i hope its good and that u like it!!!!!!!!! It starts out with a normal 1D obsessed girl just like you, just to find out that Niall Horan is her neighbor at her new house. When they get in a fight, who will be there to comfort her?


8. Will You?

It was Saturday morning and Maddie, Eleanor, Roxy, and Mekenze all had major headaches. Me on the other hand, was up and awake, headache-free. I cleaned up the house a bit after the girls left and found another note. It said:

Dear Haley,
How was the club? Well if you were feeling up to it, would you want to go catch a movie later? You can come over anytime and just hangout...
p.s. will you be my girlfriend?

No way. Niall Horan just asked me to be his girlfriend! I got dressed in a nice summer dress and left my hair down, I had my silver flats on with my dress. Before I went to see Niall, I called the girls, they were each so excited and honestly, I was too. I walked over to his house and knocked on his door. He rushed to it and swung it open. Ah, typical Niall, eating some chips and dip. I could tell he felt a little awkward about the note. "Yes I will!" I yelled and gave him a hug. He remembered what I was talking about and hugged me back,"Here come sit down". "Your house is really nice, I love all the color." I told him, looking around the living room. He sat down and turned the tv off. He asked how my day was and I said good and told him about the club last night. He said that Manchester won the soccer game last night so Lou was really happy and ran around his and Harry's whole house yelling "Victory!!!" with his shirt off.

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