Lucky Little Snowflake

Hi guys, my name is Haley and this is my first fanfiction. i hope its good and that u like it!!!!!!!!! It starts out with a normal 1D obsessed girl just like you, just to find out that Niall Horan is her neighbor at her new house. When they get in a fight, who will be there to comfort her?


10. My Parents Opinion

While we were at dinner, my little sister sat on one side of Niall while I sat on the other, my parents sat across from me. We had a great time and I have a feeling my parents like Niall, I know my sister does. "So what do you do Niall?" my mom asked. Niall was almost surprised by that question,"We'll I'm in a band, One Direction, with my 5 best friends and we are making an album right now, called Take Me Home." I was sure that my parents knew who he was, they were just being polite. "Oh yes, Haley loves that band, she talks about you guys all the time," Niall looked at me with a big grin on his face and I started to blush. "What about you, do you like One Direction?" Niall said sweetly, looking at my sister, Megan. She went red in the face,"Yeah, I think you guys are amazing", she whispered in his ear,"you are my favorite." Niall smiled and my parents looked confused. **Nialls POV** Wow. Haley's parents are amazing, I think they like me, or atleast I hope they do. And Megan was cute, she was very shy. But Haley, she was gorgeous, I don't know if she noticed it, I couldn't help but stare at her. I wanted to spend the rest of my life with this girl. In order to do that, I have to make sure her parents like me. After everyone was done I asked our waitress for the bill. I took it and put my card inside of it. I knew Haley's parents would say something,"Niall it's okay, we'll pay." I immediatly protested,"It's alright really, I want to pay, don't worry about it," I said giving them a smile. "Thank you Niall," Haley said giving me a hug. "Thank you, that's very gentleman-like of you." Haley's dad said. "It's my pleasure, it was very nice to meet you guys." I had Haley's hand in mine as we walked to the car. Haley was holding Megan's hand as we crossed the street. **Haley's POV** Niall went to his house when we got back to the house and I wanted to talk to my parents about him. "Soooo, what do you guys think?" I asked smiling as we all sat down in the living room. "I LOVE HIM!!!" Megan said running up to me and hugging me. "I know you do, I meant mom and dad," I said laughing. "I think he is very nice and I like him a lot. I just hope him being famous wont change that." My mom said looking at me in the eyes. "I don't think I will, what do you think dad?" I questioned, turning towards him,"He is a gentleman, I can tell you that, but I really like him and I think he loves you a lot more than you think." He said winking at me. I'm so glad they like him, because their opinion is what makes or breaks this relationship, they are very protective.


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