Lucky Little Snowflake

Hi guys, my name is Haley and this is my first fanfiction. i hope its good and that u like it!!!!!!!!! It starts out with a normal 1D obsessed girl just like you, just to find out that Niall Horan is her neighbor at her new house. When they get in a fight, who will be there to comfort her?


9. Meet the Parents

Niall and I went to the movies shortly after I got there and we watched Paranormal Activity 2. I hated horror movies but he insisted. I only said yes because I assumed that it was because he wanted me to cuddle with him during the movie, which I did. After we got home, I stayed over at his house and accidently fell asleep, I woke up in his room, he must have brought me in here. I checked the time, 7 am. I walked out of his room into the living room were I saw Niall, aww! He is so cute when he sleeps, the way he curls up to the pillow was making my heart beat faster. My parents would be home soon and I wanted to take them out to lunch. Right as I opened his front door I heard a sexy morning voice,"Good mornin love, where ya going?" gosh he was hot. "I'm going to get ready and I'm taking my parents and my sister out for lunch, want to come?" I wanted my parents to meet him right away. "Of course! I'll be at your house around 11," he said assuringly. "Sounds good," I said walking out the door. When I got to my house, I picked out some red jeans and a navy blue top with some cream colored toms. I put my hair up in a ponytail and put my makeup on. I just finished brushing my teeth when I heard a knock at the door. I rushed by the clock to see what time it was, 10:30, right on time,"Hi mom! Hi dad! What's up Megan!" Megan is my little sister, she is 9. Right when my parents saw me, they rushed into a hug,"HALEY!!! We missed you!" We all sat down in the living room, and I heard another knock, oh crap it's Niall, here goes nothing. I got up and opened the door, there stood Niall in a Tuxedo with roses in his hands,"You clean up well." I laughed talking the roses and kissing him on the cheek,"Are they here?" I could tell he was very nervous, I nodded and grabbed his hand as we walked into the living room. Immediatly, my dad stood up and my sister gave me a crazed look like she had just seen a ghost, her and I were huge directioners. "Mom, dad, Megan, this is Niall, my boyfriend." My parents didn't seem very surprised, because I hadn't ever brought a boy home really. Megan was just standing there when Niall went to shake my parents hand and give Megan a hug she ran to her room crying in shock that he was there. "It's very nice to meet you Niall, we have heard a lot about you." Of course, typical parents. "It's my pleasure, would you all like to go to lunch? It's on me," he was so eager to get to lunch, I laughed in my head because Niall is always hungry. "Yes of course! Megan go get ready!" my parents always wanted to look their best infront of guests. They took about 20 minutes to get ready and then we went out to eat.

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