tough love

when jenna went to a one direction concert, she had V.I.P tickets with her friend karla. but when they go backstage to meet them, what happens when one them meets jenna and falls for her almost immediately? but will their love break when another boy in the band falls for her? continue reading to find out!!!


3. shopping

Jenna's POV

i went to go get my clothes from my place first so that it was done. i left them in the car. me and Karla went into the mall to go buy an outfit for tonight. "so, are you and Harry, dating?" i asked. she started to blush. "yes." is all she said. so we went to a really expensive store. only because i saw a really pretty dress in the window. it was purple and ended at about mid-thigh, and it was really fitting. i had no money so Niall gave me a lot. it actually didn't cost that much so i bought it and we went to go home, or Niall's place. when we got home i tried on the dress it was perfect. i went to go take a shower when i bumbed into Niall. "am i aloud to see what you are wearing tonight yet?" he asked. "no!" i said in a childish voice. so i went to go take a shower and saw that Niall owned my favourite soap. i think i over used it but oh well. i got out of the shower and remembered that i left my clothes in the car. i went out to get them and saw that our neighbour was one of my other really good friends from school, Trisha. "hey, Trisha!" i yelled. she looked over and said "hey, Jenna!" and started to run towards me. she gave me a hug. we haven't seen each other in a long time because she went to Canada to see her family. "so, got a boyfriend yet?" i asked. "yes. actually, you might know him very well." she said. "it's Liam Payne." she said again. "oh, cool! yeah i know him. he's friends with my boyfriend, Niall Horan."i said casually. "oh cool!" she said. "well i have to go. talk to you later!" she said. i grabbed my stuff and headed back inside. when i got inside i learned that Karla and Harry are coming. so now it's a double date. so now we have to go shopping again, but this time, for Karla. i wish we knew this ahead of time so that she coould buy her dress when we went earlier. now we have to go again. ugh.

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