tough love

when jenna went to a one direction concert, she had V.I.P tickets with her friend karla. but when they go backstage to meet them, what happens when one them meets jenna and falls for her almost immediately? but will their love break when another boy in the band falls for her? continue reading to find out!!!


2. not too early

Niall's POV

i was so nervous about our first date. i mean, i havn't asked her yet to go on our first date today but i will. when i looked down i saw Jenna laying in my arms. she looked so beautiful laying like that. she fluttered her eyes open and said "morning". "morning, love" i said. "i was wondering if you wanted to go on our first date today?" i muttered. "yes!" she whisper-shouted to not wake everybody up. i look over on the other couch and see that Jenna's friend had stayed as well. "maybe you and you friend could go shopping to buy a nice outfit for tonight. how's nandos?" i asked. "perfect. her name is Karla by the way. and i love nandos!" she said excitedly.after about 20 minutes everybody got up. i went to take a shower. i looked back at Jenna watching me leave with a frown. she started to giggle a bit so i walked over to her with a smile. "if it isn't too early for this, would you like to take a shower with me?" i whispered in her ear. a huge smile spread across her face. so grabbed her hand and took her into the bathroom. i took my clothes off and when i was taking my boxers off she turned around. "hey! it's fine. remember? we are dating now" i said. she laughed and turned around but when she did i had a towel around my waist. she took her clothes off and left her underwear and bra. "i'll be there in a minute" she said. so i hopped into the shower waiting for her. she came in and asked me to wash her back. so i did. i was trying my best not to stare but she was so beautiful it was so hard not to. after we washed ourselves, we went into my room. "oh no!" she said. "what?! whats wrong?!?" i said. "i don't have any clothes to wear." she said sadly. so i gave her some clothes to wear. after half an hour she was gone with her friend to go get a nice outfit for dinner tonight. also some clothes, because she is staying here at my place for a week. i was so excited.

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