tough love

when jenna went to a one direction concert, she had V.I.P tickets with her friend karla. but when they go backstage to meet them, what happens when one them meets jenna and falls for her almost immediately? but will their love break when another boy in the band falls for her? continue reading to find out!!!


1. meeting him

Jenna's POV

I was finally going to meet the boys i have always wanted to, one direction! I was going with my best friend Karla and we had VIP tickets! we would meet the boys after the concert was over. "i can't believe we are going to a one direction concert!" i screamed in the car. "i know! i'm so excited!" Karla shouted. when we got there, we sat down in our seats, which were in the first row! they opened with little things and closed with live while we're young. me and Karla were so excited for meeting the boys! when we got backstage, they were just coming off stage. the moment that they came off stage Niall, my favourite, stopped and stared at me for about 5 minutes. "hi i'm Niall and you are?" he asked me in his hot irish accent. "i'm Jenna."i managed to spit out. well, it's very nice to meet you Jenna."he said. I looked over and saw Karla hitting it off with Harry. well, might as well do the same thing. "i love your songs, they're really cool." i said. "thanks, hey i was wondering, i know we only met 10 minutes ago, but do you want to go out with me?"he stuttered. i was screaming on the inside. "yes!" i said. and with that we all left and went to Niall's place to hang out. when we got there Karla and Harry were looking good together. we all watched a movie and because Liam was there, of course, it was toy story. not that i'm complaining, i mean, i love toy story. i was beginning to fall asleep so i texted my mom and told her that i would be at Niall's place. she answered and said ok so with that i fell asleep in Nialls arms. the last words i heard were "night, love." from Niall. as i fell asleep my last thought was best night EVER!

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