Me+Being Presendent= Awesomeness

If I was president oh the things that would happen! First off I would make sure everyone got there own pet rainbow unicorn!!! I am a 11 year old girl so just imagine what would happen to this country!!!!!! This is my entry for the President contest. ENJOY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


1. I Won!!!!

When I was helping my best friend Billy Bob Jo Bob Harris (or BBJBH for short) the leprechaun paint his rainbow. We have paint it every week. I know you are thinking this is weird but hey we have to make it possible for you to find his gold! Well we were talking about the president election and how it was awesome that there allowing 11 year old's to compete this year then we hear Rumplestilskin on the radio say

"Now the moment you have have been waiting for the new president is........................................... Katherine!"

"I won!!!!!!!"

"You won!!!!!!"


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