Just Friends (A short story.)


2. Part Two

I hear the shower turn on as I rummaged through my closet for some of my ex-boyfriend’s old clothes. Sad, aren’t I? I’ve broken up with him for a few years but I still have some of his clothes. I managed to find a white v-neck shirt and some grey sweatpants. I close my closet and walk towards the bathroom when the door opens and Harry walks out with a towel around his waist, his hair dripping wet. That was a fucking fast shower.

“Here, some clean clothes.” I said, holding out the clothes. He takes them from me, he smells like coconut, my shampoo. I glance at his toned body before he slips back into the bathroom to change. Wow, he is one fit guy. I thought as I nervously poured myself a glass of water. I’m not going to lie, Harry’s probably one of the best looking lads I’ve seen and his body just makes it all better. I shake my head to banish the image, but it keeps coming back to me.

“What are you doing?”

I jump a little at his deep voice and turn around, swallowing the water in my mouth.

“Drinking water, do you not drink water?” I said, probably with too much sass. Harry just smirks and pulls himself up, sitting on my counter.

“So you live alone?”

“No, my amazingly wealthy and handsome boyfriend is going to be home any minute with roses and a bottle of wine.” I mumble and this earns me a laugh from Harry. “You don’t have to return the clothes; they’re my ex-boyfriend’s.”

“So you’re not dating anyone?” He asks, studying me with marble green eyes, they were piercing.

“Why are you so interested in my life?” I question back, leaving against my sink, across from Harry who was still sitting on my countertop.

“Because it’s not every day I meet a fit girl who appreciates my charms and understands the no-strings-attached life.” Harry answers simply.

“I’m not going to sleep with you.” I stated, flatly, getting to the point. It’s all clear to me now, Harry wanted a conquest for the night.

“And how do you know that?” Harry asks, a cheeky confident smirk on his face. I narrow my eyes at him and cross my arms in front of my chest.

“You’re not my type, you’re so…” Attractive. Smug. Beautiful. Tempting. “…young.”

Harry chuckles and raises an eyebrow. “Young? I don’t think you’re that much older than me. What are you Cherokee; 19?”

“I’m turning 21 this September.” I said as Harry hops off the counter and stands in front of me.

“Only 2 and a half years, you’ll never know, this may be fun.” Harry tempts, it’s like dangling fish in front of a cat. He leans forward so that once again, I smell the coconut from my shampoo in his hair.

“I highly doubt it.” I say, trying to look like I wasn’t tempted. But I was; hell! He was a good looking guy who was basically throwing himself at me, who wouldn’t be tempted? Harry smirks again and leans even closer, our noses were touching.

“Well, Cherokee...…” He says softly, kissing my lips softly. I don’t react, just trying to see how he plans on ‘seducing’ me. “If it doesn’t work out, you don’t ever have to see me again.”

He informs me before kissing me lightly on the lips again.

“Only this once…” I mumble as he continues to give me small butterfly kisses. “Then never again…”

“If you don’t enjoy it.” Harry confirms. I stare at those green gems of his and then I cup his face, pulling him towards me for a deep long kiss before pushing him in the direction of my bedroom. This is only a one time thing. After this, I’m never going to call him again.


I fucked up. I know I said that I wouldn’t call him again but…

“I can’t believe you once told a girl you were gay!” I laughed as I took a bite of pepperoni pizza. I called him again…and again, and again. I couldn’t help it, each time I keep promising myself that it’s just one more small booty call and then I’d stop calling him over. After a little “alone time”, the both of us were lying on the floor with a box of large pepperoni pizza between us.

“Well, I didn’t want to hurt this girl!” Harry confesses, taking another slice of pizza. “I hate it when girls cry.”

“I hate it when guys cry.” I said, biting off the crust. I laid on the floor with my legs crossed, wearing Harry’s grey Ramones t-shirt. Harry laughs and almost chokes on his pizza.

“You’ve made a guy cry? How cruel!”

“I wasn’t cruel!” I said defensively. “He was just really sensitive.”

“I don’t know if this man was sensitive or not, but I do know you.” Harry says, his green eyes twinkling at me. “And you are one blunt bird.”

“Whatever!” I scoffed, finishing off my pizza crust and then turning over on my stomach to get another slice of pizza. Harry just continues laughing while I bit into my pizza, admiring the way his biceps flexed and his trimmed fit body in those black and white briefs.

“Are you checking me out?” He questions, catching me staring. I glance at him from my pizza.

“No, I’m just staring at your delicious abs for no reason, of course I’m checking you out!” I said sarcastically as Harry gets up and pins me down on the floor, his eyes running down my body.

“Like what you see?” I said, which earns me a cheeky smirk from Harry and he steals a bite from my pizza slice. My mobile starts to ring and I nudge Harry with my arm to go get it. Harry rolls his eyes and reaches over to get my cell. He glances at the screen and then tilts his head at me.

“Who’s Spencer?”

“Oh!” I pull myself off the ground and quickly take the phone from Harry. “Shh, don’t say anything!”

I warn Harry as he raises an eyebrow, looking unimpressed. “Hello, Spencer?”

“Hey, am I interrupting?” Spencer’s velvety voice questions from the other end.

“Not at all, you’re not interrupting anything!” I say as Harry stares at me for a few seconds then leans towards me, lightly kissing my collarbone. “What’s up?”

“I was just wondering if you’d like to go out to dinner with me tonight?”

“I’d love to.” I say, trying to push Harry away. Harry just glances up from my torso and then rests his head on my lap, still studying me with his green eyes.

“Great, then I’ll pick you up at 8. See you then.”

“Bye, Spence.” I say hanging up. I silently glare at Harry who just smirks at me innocently.

“Who’s Spencer?” Harry asks, feinting innocence.

“He’s this guy that I’ve been going on dates with recently.” I explain, eating the crust of my pizza.

“He’s your boyfriend?”

“Not yet, who knows? We’re just going on dates, seeing each other.”

“Have you slept with him?”

“Harry, I’m not going to tell you if I slept with another guy or not.” I said, with a dead pan expression. Harry gets up from my lap and stares at my face before giving me a satisfied smile.

“I don’t think you’ve had.”

“Fine, I haven’t.” I admit, rolling my eyes. “What, are you jealous? This is only a physical thing, remember?”

Harry ignores my comment and continues to ask questions. “Does Spencer know about us?”

“Harry, there is no us. We’re just…friends with benefits you can say. Spencer knows about you…just not about this situation.” I finish my crust and then get up, taking the pizza box to the trash bin in my kitchen. “Besides, if Spencer and I get serious then this thing between you and I is going to end.”

Finally, Harry’s quiet, probably ran out of questions to ask. “Do you want this to end?”

“Harry, it’s been fun but do you seriously think this is going to last forever? You, out of anyone, know better. I love having fun with you, but I’m still a female believe it or not. I still want to fall in love with someone.”

Harry’s quiet once again and then he nods, getting up from my floor. “Then what about me?”

What. “Uh, what about you?”

“You said you want to fall in love with someone, well what about me?” Harry says, suddenly looking serious.

Fall in love…with Harry? I’ve never actually thought about that. Sure Harry was very attractive, charming, and great to be around; but I wasn’t positive that he’s the fall-in-love type.

“Harry…you pick up cougars in bars and you’re currently talking about love with your friend with benefits. You’re not exactly the Prince Charming girls are looking for.” I said, laughing lightly, trying to brush it off. He’s not being serious.

“And this Spencer guy is?” Harry asks, again with raised eyebrows.

“I mean…yeah; he’s serious, I’m sure he doesn’t pick cougars up from bars, he’s nice, sweet, and he’s taking me out on proper dates.”

“That’s your idea of Prince Charming?” Harry scoffs and I feel slightly offended.

“Okay, well what’s your idea of Prince Charming?” I shoot back, crossing my arms.

“Someone you have fun with, someone you can have continuous banter with, someone…you can eat pizza with after you guys just had sex.” Harry says. I stare at him and I feel my mouth dry. He was serious.

“Stop joking around!” I said, laughing and shoving Harry towards my bedroom. “Now go get your clothes and leave, I have to get ready!!”


“It was such a huge scandal in my pre-med class; the professor having an affair with the student. It was one of those out-of-a-movie scenarios.” Spencer says as he walks me to my door. “It’s hard to believe that it actually happens to people, the out-of-a-movie stuff.”

“Not that hard to believe.” I say, thinking back to me and Harry. Our friends with benefits relationship seems almost out-of-a-movie. Okay, this was weird, thinking of Harry at a time like this. I should be focusing back on Spencer. “I had a great night.”

“That’s good to hear.” Spencer says with a smile as he leans forward to give me a kiss.

“So…you want to come in?” I asked, glancing at my door and Spencer chuckles a little, amused.

“Yeah, I’ll come in.”

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