Just Friends (A short story.)


3. Part Three. Last Part!

 I think this was it. Spencer was going to be my serious relationship and I was going to have a normal love life for once. I wanted to be different than my mum who keeping jumping from one guy to another. I woke up this morning and there Spencer was, still sleeping soundly next to me, his arms wrapped around me. He didn’t leave. I quietly slipped out of bed and showered quickly before heading to the coffee shop a few streets down. I wasn’t usually so giddy and school girl-like with my relationships. But as I got in the elevator to go up to my flat, I felt nervous and fuzzy with the two coffees in my hand.

When the elevator door opened I became face to face with Spencer who was holding his blazer, his button down shirt was crinkled and put on in a hurry.

“Um, leaving so soon?” I asked, confused. Spencer sheepishly smiles at me, embarrassed and that’s when it hits me. He was sneaking out; that fucking twat. “Seriously? The morning-sneak-out trick?”

“I’m sorry; I don’t think we’re right for each other.” Spencer admits as I glare at him. He couldn’t have told me that earlier? Maybe last night when I said ‘hey you want to come in’?

“Yeah, you could have told me yesterday night before we slept together.” I snapped at him causing him to flinch.

“Well you’ve been around a lot, so I thought one night wouldn’t really—

“You fucking CUNT!” I cussed at him as I dumped both cups of hot coffee on him and stormed off back into my flat. Even when I closed the door I could still hear him gasp sharply from the hot coffee. Good, that stupid bastard deserved it. That stupid fucking wanker just called me a slut! I plopped down on my bed and screamed at the top of my lungs into my pillow. Serious relationship my ass, all he wanted was someone to sleep with!

I sighed and then sat up on my bed, hugging my pillow tightly. Was I any different though? That’s how I use to be; promiscuous and flirty, always playing with other people’s feelings. And now when I truly want something real, I got played. It’s fucking karma. But Spencer seemed so different than all those other guys I’ve dated; so well mannered, educated, polite, gentlemanly, and sweet. Damn it. I need to stop thinking about him; that man is not worth my time…despite his good looks and attractive smile. Fuck it, I’m calling Harry.

I reach for my mobile and click on the speed dial, Harry had put himself as my 1st speed dial number one night. He answered on the first ring. “Hello?”

“Harry, come over, I just got dumped in the worst way possible.” I mumble and instantly I hear Harry scrambling on the other end.

“I’ll be over right away!”

And true to his word, in about 10 minutes I answer my door to see Harry standing there with a tub of cherry vanilla ice cream, an Ed Sheeran CD, and a stack of gossip magazines.

“What…is all of this?” I question, letting Harry into my flat.

“When my sister went through breakups this stuff seem to cheer her up, except she liked mint chocolate chip ice cream instead of cherry vanilla.” Harry explains as he heads over to my bed room and puts the CD in my laptop. Soon, Ed Sheeran’s soothing voice started to sing Drunk, a break up song.

“I think I like Ed’s way of getting over a breakup.” I mutter as I sit on my bed and Harry nudges the ice cream towards me with a spoon.

“Ice cream and pints aren’t really a good mix. They taste horrid together.” Harry comments as I take a mouthful of ice cream, the sweet goodness melting in my mouth. “So, how’d it happen?”

“Well…I invited him in last night and when I woke up this morning he was still in bed next to me, so I thought ‘hey, this guy’s a keeper.’” I said, telling Harry the story with fewer details. “But then when I came back from getting coffee, I ran into him…sneaking out.”

“Ouch.” Harry mumbles, taking a bite of ice cream from my spoon. I lean my head against his shoulder and continue my tale.

“He said that we weren’t right for each other. That twat, he could have told me before we slept together! So then I poured hot coffee all over him.”

“Did that make you feel better?” Harry asks and I nod. He chuckles lightly and runs his hand through my hair. “That Spencer is definitely Prince Charming.”

“Shut up.” I said, smacking Harry’s arm before eating some more cherry vanilla yumminess. “I admit, I was blindsided.”

“Not even blindsided, you just dove in completely blind.” Harry said and I smacked his arm again. “Just kidding; but its okay. Try to forget about it, he’s out of your life now.”

“Yeah…okay, now that that’s done, take off your shirt.”

“Wait, what?” Harry says, looking confused.

“I’m single and I’m sad, you’re my friend with benefits. Now take your shirt off, this is a booty call.” I said simply, putting the ice cream on my desk. Harry just looks at me and then pulls me close to him.

“I’m not going to sleep with you.” He says softly and kisses my forehead. “Right now we’re friends with benefits, but I’ve told you before, you could fall in love with me.”


“I’m serious.” He says, his arms are tight around me and his head is perched on top of mine. “I’m going to start chasing after you seriously now.”

I’m quiet. Playful, flirty Harry, he was serious about me? He was the first one I called when I was feeling down…not sure if that’s love but that’s something.

“Will you still answer my booty calls?” I whisper quietly. Harry chuckles at this and plays with strands of my hair.

“Most definitely.”

That answer satisfies me and I close my eyes, my head resting against his chest; listening to his soft heartbeats and Ed Sheeran’s melodic voice. I guess I could fall in love with this.

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