Alyson Noël Competition! Entry-Spiritual Guide

Jordan Please Include this!!! For some strange reason, I can't comment at all on anything on here. My account is having a few problems at the moment. But here's my entry.


1. My Entry

To me I feel nothing, but the breath of a Wolf. The cloud of air igniting in the air. The guide me through this life, with all they know. Cause I am one of them, and this is how I am. I stand alone on this Earth, I've learnt not to trust. But only those I know more then myself, I can't let myself go. I travel in a pack, I work with only them. I don't think for myself, but for the ones that I love. I am not one to attack, anyone of innocence. But to only defend myself, from those who dare threaten me. I am a Wolf, a proud and noble breed. I am not of selfishness, I am only here to defend. My race aren't fighters, we are shields of Nature. When my times comes, my time of Dying. My Soul won't die, but renew. I'll open new eyes, breath in through new lungs. My memories might die, but not what I stand for. I stand for justice, I stand for honesty. My heart is of a Human, but my Spirit is of a Wolf.

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