Change of a life (Zayn Malik fan fiction)

It's hard being the "nerd" girl at school, but what if everything changes and you suddenly become the popular girl? Thats exactly what happened to Carly. She was the kind of girl that likes to read a lot, knows every single subject perfectly, the one everyone wants to sit next to in an exam.
Zayn is the popular boy, he is sweet inside, but maybe a bad boy on the outside. Would Carly take the best out of him? Would one of them fell in love with the other? Could they ever be happy together? Or thats just not what destiny has planned?


1. The invitation

I was walking down the corridor as always. My life was happy, I can't say no but something was missing, while walking and seeing those popular girls laughing, having a good time, with nice boys, ahh... I wish I was one of them, just for one day maybe.

Suddenly someone pushed me, I fell to the floor. "Oh sorry", said the popular boy, Zayn. He handed me his hand to stand, I didn't take it, I standed by myself, "Don't worry" I replied. A girl came behind him, the cheerleader, called Amber. "Hey, what happened?" she asked while kissing Zayn in the neck. "Oh, I pushed her, but it wasn't on purpose", "You silly boy haha, sorry girl" she said, "Oh it's okay" I was starting to feel a little uncomfortable, so I turned to go and a hand touched my shoulder turning me around. "Don't cry girl, hahaha... come to my friends party this Friday, Shes doing one at her place, please feel free to attend" said Amber, "Sorry..." she interrupted me "Oh... the girl has to study? c'mon, have some fun, you are always in your books, live real life for a moment you coward". "Okay, I'll go". Then she just gave me a grin and walked away with Zayn. I honestly just accepted to go because I wanted to end the conversation, I felt as if I didn't belong there, and I never will. I won't go to that party, I am that kind of girl that prefers staying at home reading a good book.

RING! The next period of class was about to start. I went and sat in the middle. I liked that place, it isn't the front as to be noticed by the professor, neither is the back as to be noticed by the populars. A girl came to me: "Hi girl! The name is Chloe, I've heard Amber invited you to my party this Friday" she said. "Well I..." she didn't let me finish "If you are going, buy a dress but please, one that doesn't cover your ankles", "I honestly don't think I can" I replied, "Oh honey, it wasn't a question, you are going. Do you now who invited you? It was Amber, you can't let her down, you just can't". Just then, Mr. Woshn arrived, great, now I was threatened to go to that stupid party. Aghh... I didn't want to, and it was Wednesday, that meant I only had two days to get prepared for worldwide humiliation... well kinda...


*Authors Note: Please let me know what you think :) And if you want me to write more :D Lots of love potatoes!*

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