Just To Let The Readers Know.....


4. 4th News

Hellorrr ! Omg It's Been FOREVER ! Gosh Alot Of Views ! :o Well If You Liked The Few Chapters I Have So Far , Don't Worry I'm Going To Keep Writing Them , Since I Use My iPod Now Lol , Well Yeah So Keep An Eye Out For New Chapters , I'm Going To Make These New Chapters Better Then The Last I Promise . One More Thing I'm Going To Write A Austin Mahone Movella So I Hope You Guise Like That One . If You Want Me To Write A Fanfic For You Just Let Me Know What Celeb You Want & I Will Do My Reasearch On Them & I Will Be More Then Glady To Write It For You , Since That's All Im Really In The Mood For Even Though I'm Lazy Lol Well Probably Tomorrow New Chapters IfNot Soon Promise (: Bye :D xx
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