I should have kissed you

This is a story about a girl and her struggles with the famous Harry Styles from the boy band 1D.
She has troubles figuring out what she should do and to help her she has her best friend Amy that will always stand by her side what ever happens.


2. I should have kissed you II


My P.O.V

 - Why did you do that? I asked Amy.

 - Well, you wasn't going to.. Amy said.

I heard my phone vibrate on the table. So did Amy.

 - Was it him? She asked.

 - I don't know..? I said.

" I have a lot to do in the studio this week. But I'm sure I can take a night off to meet you! Is Tuesday fine?"

 - He asked to see me on Tuesday, I said to Amy. I was nervous.

 - Play hard to get! Say that you have plans for Tuesday, Amy said with a smile on her face.

I wrote whet Amy said and I got an answer fast. Harry wrote that he would love to see me on Wednesday. I actually got tears in my eyes. I was so happy to know that there was a chance that he liked me.


 I decided to spend one more night at Amy's house before the weekend was over. I couldn't sleep that night. All I was thinking about was Harry and what I should say to him when we meet. Amy said that if he would try to kiss me again I should just kiss him back. I guess I could do that but I wasn't so sure.


 It was Wednesday and Harry haven't left my mind since Saturday. It was a bit frightening but at the same time exiting to see him tonight. I met Amy after school at my place. She gave me advice and I got ready for the date, if I could call it that.

 - You look perfect, Amy said.

 - Thank you Amy! I'm going to cry, I said and the tears filled my eyes.

 - No, no more crying! You have dried enough.

 - Amy, you are everything a bestfriend could ask for! I said. 

 - You have to hurry now! Amy said and wiped away a tear from her cheek.

 Harry would be here any second now. As soon as I thought that the doorbell rang.

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